Bad Ideas about Christians and Politics - Part 6 0

The following is the sixth of a seven part series we’ve been featuring about Christians and politics. Read part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, and part 5.

This is the introduction to the series:

I’m a Christian who works in politics. Usually I say – when asked – that I work in “public policy,” and I explain that public policy is the “beautiful cousin” of politics.

Among Christians, there seem to be a number of bad ideas about engaging in politics. Sometimes I even buy into these bad ideas myself. That’s probably what’s behind the vagueness and qualifiers that I offer while explaining my work.

Below are some of the bad ideas about faith and politics that I wanted to dispel:

6. Christians needn’t be concerned with politics because this world is not home.

 This world is not our home. We can rejoice about that! This world can get so depressing sometimes that all I can say is “Come quickly, Lord Jesus.” And some days, I’d like to stop there. Come take me home, Lord!

But God loves this world. He made it, and He sent His Son to redeem it. He wants us to be a part of that redeeming work too.

Even if we like listening to songs like, “I’ll Fly Away” and “Swing Low Sweet Chariot,” we have to recognize that before we go, we have a purpose here. Not only are we called to love others and share the Gospel; we are called to multiply, to work and cultivate the garden that is this planet called Earth.

Part of that cultivation is discerning what laws allow for the most human flourishing. We want our fellow Americans to experience all the good things life has to offer. We want them to have all the necessities of life and so much more. We want them to have strong relationships and families and to be free to pursue their dreams. We want this not just for other Christians, but for everyone in our country and indeed, for all the peoples of the world!

We might disagree about what laws do this best, but we should be interested in thinking about these things and participating in the political system in order to discern and implement the best policies. Our earthly laws and rulers will never be perfect, but Jesus prayed that Earth would become more like Heaven, so we should share His interest in redeeming this world, even if we’re just “passing through.”