Bad Ideas about Christians and Politics - Part 7 0

The following is the seventh of a seven part series on Christians and Politics. Read part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5, and part 6.

This is the introduction from the first post:

I’m a Christian who works in politics. Usually I say – when asked – that I work in “public policy,” and I explain that public policy is the “beautiful cousin” of politics.

Among Christians, there seem to be a number of bad ideas about engaging in politics. Sometimes I even buy into these bad ideas myself. That’s probably what’s behind the vagueness and qualifiers that I offer while explaining my work.

Below are some of the bad ideas about faith and politics that I wanted to dispel:

7. Even if Christians engaged in politics, we couldn’t have any impact.

Think it’s time to just throw in the towel? Sure, politics can be discouraging. It can be hard to watch leaders break promises and make choices we disagree with.

Does the Bible say, “If something looks impossible, just don’t even try?” I didn’t think so. The Bible says, “With Christ all things are possible.”  If Jesus can redeem my ugly, black, slimy, stony heart… I believe He can redeem anything, including our nation’s culture, laws, and political system.

Therefore, when we are tempted to despair, let us turn to God in prayer. Let us ask Him to call up candidates and leaders who will follow Him. Let us ask Him to strike down the evil, the corruption, and the deception. Let us ask Him to use us to be salt and light even in the midst of difficult conversations or disagreements. Let us ask Him for boldness. Let us ask Him to make us winsome, to warm our hearts, and to warm the hearts of others with whom we may engage in important discussions.

We don’t know the day or hour that Jesus is coming back. In fact, Jesus told us He doesn’t even have that information. But He did tell us that until that day comes, we’re supposed to be about doing His work in this world, and He didn’t say, “Oh yeah, except in politics, that’s hopeless, so y’all don’t have to mess with that.” 😉