Ep.5 - Benghazi, 3-D Guns, and Mollies

Dead Reckoning Podcast - Episode 5

Brian and Jay talk about the week’s Spindle items, including Benghazi revelations, the advent of 3-D gun printing, the sex lives of unmarried evangelicals, and poverty relief. In the “Above Our Paygrade” segment, Ricochet.com Editor Mollie Hemingway joins them to talk about the Gosnell trial, media blackout, the Designated Hitter rule, and why Jay is a closet communist (!). Molly Friesen joins the guys for the “In Woman” segment to talk about whether Christians should desire divine judgment. “Dadlife” features Jay and a 100+ page book of playset instructions, with a deep practical application for our spiritual lives.

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Show Notes

Jay’s Spindle

Popular Mechanics on 3-D printed guns.

Philadelphia Inquirer: Charity Can’t Fill Holes in Aid To Poor.

Brian’s Spindle

Bryan Preston’s Recap of the Benghazi Hearings.

Christianity Today on the Sex Lives of Unmarried Evangelicals.

Guest Information

Mollie Ziegler Hemingway - RicochetGetReligion

Follow her on Twitter.

Molly Friesen’s Blog. Follow her on Twitter.


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