Ep.4 - Broussard’s Bravery, Chicks & Choices, and Prophetic Death Metal 0

Dead Reckoning Podcast - Episode 4

In this week’s episode, Jay and Brian discuss the week’s Spindle items, including Jason Collins and Chris Broussard, increasing anti-Christian intolerance, and a weird stunt gone awry.  In the “In Woman” segment they talk to Kim Galgano of Chicks With Choices about practical, biblical guidance for women in everyday life from the book of Jeremiah.​ And, speaking of biblical prophets, they talk with Derek Rishmawy about the unique insights of death metal music and prophetic literature.

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Show Notes:

From Jay’s Spindle

Chris Broussard’s “controversial” ESPN appearance.​

Shooting at Houston airport, Terminal B.​

From Brian’s Spindle

Mikey Weinstein’s intolerant anti-Christian rant.​

Indian stuntman dies during an ill-advised stunt.​

Guest Information

Kim Galgano’s website, Chicks With Choices.​ Follow her on Twitter.

Derek Rishmawy’s blog.​ Follow him on Twitter.