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  • Ep 8: Noah and Its Critics

    Ep 8: Noah and Its Critics

    In this episode Brian responds to a number of criticisms of his review of Noah. He remains unconvinced of attempts to deny Aronofsky’s gnostic themes. His commentary His critics

  • Ep. 7: The Dead Sea Scrolls

    Ep. 7: The Dead Sea Scrolls

    Brian shifts to discuss the transmission reliability of the Old Testament in this episode, including some background on the greatest archaeological discovery of our lifetimes, the Dead Sea Scrolls. Hear why they’re important!

  • Ep. 6: Why So Many Translations?

    Ep. 6: Why So Many Translations?

    In the Commentary segment Brian addresses head-on the mistaken notion that a multitude of translations makes a text less reliable. Translations have different purposes and challenges, but the end result is a more reliable Bible, not less!

  • Ep. 5: Texts Must Be Weighed, Not Counted

    Ep. 5: Texts Must Be Weighed, Not Counted

    Brian continues his series on the reliability of the New Testament, arguing that not all copies are created equal. There are ways of discerning additions to the original text-differences between copies do not make the text as a whole unreliable.

  • Ep. 4: Which Copy is True?

    Brian continues his series on the reliability of the New Testament texts, asking whether it is possible to figure out which, among divergent copies, is true to the original? He introduces the discipline of textual criticism and shows how it works.

  • Ep. 3: That Verse Shouldn’t Be There, But It Is

    Dr. Brian Mattson uses the recent death of a snake-charming, pentecostal preacher to look at the necessity of really understanding the text and that some inclusions are really debated.

  • Ep. 2- Commentary: We Don’t Have the Original Manuscript

    There is a true objection that Christianity does not have the original manuscript. But neither do we have for Plato, Socrates and other historical works. The key distinction is the difference between a text and a manuscript.

  • Ep. 1- Commentary: Lost in Translation

    Is the Bible a reliable historical document, or is it like the “telephone game” where the message gets lost in translation? Brian begins to explain why it is reliable.

  • Ep. 12- And God Became Man

    Merry Christmas!

  • Ep. 11 - Denying and Resigning to Suffering

    The next line in the Apostle’s Creed points right to death and suffering. However, it’s not simply denying and resigning it, it’s embracing it in light of what the Holy Bible teaches.

  • Ep. 9- The Davinci Code

    Brian continues his discussion on the Apostle’s creed with the next line “born of the virgin Mary” and the fact the Davinci Code is completely wrong.

  • Ep. 8 - Transcending Death

    We do not have the resources for our own salvation. “I believe that Jesus Christ was conceived by the Holy Spirit” is the next line of the Apostle’s Creed. Brian teases out the importance of the origins of Jesus of Nazareth being supernatural.