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  • DRTV Above The Paygrade [S5E5]: “Dan Merchant: Jesus and Zombies”

    http://media.blubrry.com/deadreckoning/p/050c4d7f5f70714f16f3-366dd97037724a88d23011b12730f069.r25.cf2.rackcdn.com/15116.web_video_mp4_high.mp4 Podcast: Download (Duration: 36:53 — 289.8MB) | Embed[S5E5] Jay and Brian welcome to the show Dan Merchant, writer and co-producer of SyFy Network’s show Z-Nation. They discuss his background, what’s behind the zombie “craze,” how his Christian faith influences his writing, and, of course, the entertainment merits of Z-Nation itself.

  • DRTV Above The Paygrade [S5E4]: ND Wilson - It’s a Magical World

    http://media.blubrry.com/deadreckoning/p/050c4d7f5f70714f16f3-366dd97037724a88d23011b12730f069.r25.cf2.rackcdn.com/14673.web_video_mp4.mp4 Podcast: Download (Duration: 34:34 — 160.4MB) | EmbedJay and Brian welcome to the show ND Wilson, successful juvenile fiction author. They discuss his background and books (Leepike Ridge, the 100 Cupboards and Ashtown Burials series, and Boys of Blur), as well as how his Christianity influences his storytelling. He seeks to influence children not to be escapist and to instead see the world they are living in as the most magical place of all.

  • DRTV Above The Paygrade [S5E3]: Wesley J. Smith: Legal Suicide, Cultural Suicide

    http://media.blubrry.com/deadreckoning/p/050c4d7f5f70714f16f3-366dd97037724a88d23011b12730f069.r25.cf2.rackcdn.com/13771.web_video_mp4.mp4 Podcast: Download (Duration: 25:23 — 117.8MB) | Embed[S5E3] Jay and Brian welcome to the show Wesley J. Smith of the Discovery Institute, a/k/a “The Philanthropist,” Lover of Humanity, arch-nemesis of Dr. Death! They discuss the topic of physician-assisted suicide and the current all-out push for legalization. Smith beautifully explains, with historical and contemporary examples, why this is a terrible idea that only leads to the killing of vulnerable people whom we owe love, treatment, and hope. A must-see interview […]

  • DRTV Above the Paygrade [S5E2]- “Katy Faust: Speaking the Truth in Love”

    http://media.blubrry.com/deadreckoning/p/050c4d7f5f70714f16f3-366dd97037724a88d23011b12730f069.r25.cf2.rackcdn.com/13405.web_video_mp4.mp4 Podcast: Download (Duration: 25:16 — 117.2MB) | Embed[S5E2]  Jay and Brian welcome Katy Faust to the show, blogger at www.askthebigot.com. Katy was raised by her mother and her lesbian partner, loves them both very much, and yet publicly opposes same-sex marriage. They talk about her viral essay, “Dear Justice Kennedy,” published by the Public Discourse, and how to speak the truth in love in the midst of an increasingly hostile culture. An all-around inspiring interview!