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  • DRTV Above the Paygrade [S4E2] : Mollie Hemingway: Chivalry, Peeping Toms, and Silver Linings

    http://media.blubrry.com/deadreckoning/p/050c4d7f5f70714f16f3-366dd97037724a88d23011b12730f069.r25.cf2.rackcdn.com/5698.web_video_mp4_high.mp4 Podcast: Download (Duration: 24:35 — 193.1MB) | EmbedJay and Brian welcome Mollie Hemingway, Senior Editor of The Federalist, to talk about the iCloud hacking incident that, er, exposed many female celebrities in various states of undress. Reactions on all sides revealed just how confused our culture is on male/female relations and the need for chivalry and moral codes, and yet hostility to Christian ethics continues to mount. Mollie sees a slight glint of silver in that black cloud. http://www.thefederalist.com

  • DRTV Above The Paygrade [S4E1] : Erick Erickson - When Politics Conflict with Religion

    http://media.blubrry.com/deadreckoning/p/050c4d7f5f70714f16f3-366dd97037724a88d23011b12730f069.r25.cf2.rackcdn.com/5472.web_video_mp4_high.mp4 Podcast: Download (Duration: 21:30 — 168.9MB) | EmbedJay and Brian welcome to the show Erick Erickson, RedState.com founder, talk radio host, and Fox News contributor. Does your Christian faith ever conflict with the political rhetoric of your own side? Sometimes it should, and Erick gives several examples of how populist conservative rhetoric conflicts with the ethics of Christianity. With lots of humor and rabbit trails taken, like how to get Erick’s homemade curry recipe, it’s an entertaining and thought-provoking […]

  • Ep.12: Peter Jones, the Beatles, and Clash of Cosmologies

    In the Above the Paygrade segment Brian welcomes Dr. Peter Jones, Executive Director of truthXchange, a ministry dedicated to exposing and opposing the rise of paganism. They begin at Peter’s youth, running around causing trouble with his childhood friend, John Lennon (yes, that John Lennon) and then how their subsequent biographies map the current worldview clash between Eastern “One-ism” and historic Christian “Two-ism.” They delve deeply into how the current debate over human sexuality is an expression of this cosmological […]

  • Ep.11: Taylor Lynde, Art “To the Glory of God Alone”

    In the Above The Paygrade segment Brian welcomes artist Taylor Lynde from Townsend, Montana. They discuss the new economic opportunities for artists to develop “direct” followings through the Internet and social media, and the influence of faith and worldview on the production and content Taylor’s exquisite art.