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  • Ep.12 - Commodore Bridger, Burqas, and Babystrollers

    Dead Reckoning Podcast - Episode 12 In the Spindle, Jay talks about Islam and more Islam, while Brian reflects on Feedly’s major tech fail and the wonderful benefits of not reading the news. In the Above the Paygrade segment they welcome Sean R.S. Bridger to the show, Skyping in from the Muslim world. Sean (a pseudonym) lives and works in an unnamed Muslim country, and he gets the designation, “Ecclesiastical Special Forces Operator.” They talk about the contradictions of Islamic […]

  • Ep.11 - Kickstarter, Vitamin Z, and Obesity

    In the Spindle Brian and Jay discuss the social ramifications of Kickstarter campaigns, climate change, getting trolled by Paul Krugman (?), zombies in a hurry, tightrope walking for Jesus, privacy with your cell phone, and bad Kenny Chesney fans. In the Above Our Paygrade segment they welcome Zach Nielsen of the popular blog Take Your Vitamin Z to the show, to talk about ministry, culture, jazz music and Trinitarian theology. Listen in iTunes.

  • Ep.10 - Superman, Jesus, and The Law Man

    In the Spindle, Jay and Brian discuss Christian ethics and rising interest rates, Hollywood’s portrayal of fathers and fatherhood, the narcissism of Edward Snowden, and Jesus as the archetype for Superman. In the Above the Paygrade segment they welcome Shon Hopwood, former bank robber, jailhouse lawyer, and author of Law Man: My Story of Robbing Banks, Winning Supreme Court Cases, and Finding Redemption.  They talk about his amazing story, the problems of American prison culture, and current Supreme Court cases. […]

  • Ep.9 - Phony Art, Verily Truth, and Burger Spelunking

    In the Spindle, Jay and Brian discuss a murder plot and the Holy Spirit’s role in the human conscience, upcoming music from U2, how Christian film has become a moving Thomas Kincade painting, and the depressing and irritating misuse of public funds. In the “Above the Paygrade” segment they welcome from New York City Janet Sahm, Co-Founder and Style Editor of Verily Magazine, a brand-new women’s interest magazine that represents the very best of cultural engagement.  Janet tells the compelling […]

  • Ep. 8 - Culture War Exhaustion

    In the Spindle, Jay and Brian discuss a potential viral outbreak, Christians surprised at persecution, the problem of adolescent “men,” the welfare state and social disintegration, and properly filling out al Qaeda expense forms. In the “Above Our Paygrade” segment they welcome Heritage Foundation public policy analyst Andrew Walker to the show to talk about the ongoing cultural battle over same-sex marriage. Finally, in “Dadlife” Jay explains why playing with your kids is not something you’ll ever regret. Listen or […]

  • Ep.7 - Spotlight Mexico: Violence, the Gospel, and Baby Goats

    Dead Reckoning Podcast - Episode 7 In the Spindle, Brian and Jay discuss the economics of tithing, two very strange news events that highlight the twilight of Western Civilization, and the biological possibilities of a Zombie Apocalypse, and the spiritual and ethical issues it poses. They welcome to the studio as a guest Rev. Jorge Aleman from Monterrey, Mexico to talk about church planting gospel-centered churches in Northern Mexico. Jorge joins them for a special “In Honor of the Pig” […]

  • Ep.6 - Storks, Tricked Out Mercedes, and Ordering Drinks

    Dead Reckoning Podcast - Episode 6 In the Spindle segment Brian and Jay discuss the avalanche of scandals in Washington, D.C., Internet warning labels, the Great Indonesian Flatulence Epidemic, and Kermit Gosnell’s convictions. In the Above Our Paygrade segment, they interview Joe Baker, founder of Save The Storks, a ministry transforming the pro-life movement in America. So moving is the interview that Jay shocks us all by throwing down a $1,000 matching gift! And on a lighter note, they close […]

  • Ep.5 - Benghazi, 3-D Guns, and Mollies

    Dead Reckoning Podcast - Episode 5 Brian and Jay talk about the week’s Spindle items, including Benghazi revelations, the advent of 3-D gun printing, the sex lives of unmarried evangelicals, and poverty relief. In the “Above Our Paygrade” segment, Ricochet.com Editor Mollie Hemingway joins them to talk about the Gosnell trial, media blackout, the Designated Hitter rule, and why Jay is a closet communist (!). Molly Friesen joins the guys for the “In Woman” segment to talk about whether Christians […]

  • Ep.4 - Broussard’s Bravery, Chicks & Choices, and Prophetic Death Metal

    Dead Reckoning Podcast - Episode 4 In this week’s episode, Jay and Brian discuss the week’s Spindle items, including Jason Collins and Chris Broussard, increasing anti-Christian intolerance, and a weird stunt gone awry.  In the “In Woman” segment they talk to Kim Galgano of Chicks With Choices about practical, biblical guidance for women in everyday life from the book of Jeremiah.​ And, speaking of biblical prophets, they talk with Derek Rishmawy about the unique insights of death metal music and prophetic literature. […]

  • Ep.3 - New Music From Christa Wells

    Brian and Jay discuss this week’s Spindle items, including “Turning the other ear,” Jackie Robinson, and high-priced concert tickets; Indie artist Christa Wells joins them to talk about her new collaborative album with Nicole Witt, More Than Rubies​; and Dadlife includes a-er, unique 6-year old interpretation of the Image of God, and Jay’s dream vacation to…Wyoming. Subscribe on iTunes. For Android users, the RSS feed is here.​ Show Notes: Jay’s Spindle Links​ ​Suarez/Tyson Ear Incident. Kid Rock Ticket Prices.​ Prayer Memes on Twitter.​ Brian’s Spindle Links​ […]

  • Ep.2 - Gosnell, Crabs, and Half Nelsons

    Brian & Jay deliver their takes on select news items in The Spindle; Eric Teetsel, Executive Director of the Manhattan Declaration, joins them to discuss the media blackout, potential cultural implications, and one eerie 1972 Mother’s Day Massacre connection in the Kermit Gosnell horror story; In Dadlife, Brian discovers the hazards of teaching your kids Latin; The Five Points of Baconism; and Bartender Casey tells the manly joys of a half nelson. Subscribe on iTunes. For Android users, the RSS feed is here.​ […]

  • Ep.1 - Podcast Inaugural Launch

    Highlights: In the “Above Our Paygrade” segment Brian and Jay talk to Dr. P. Andrew Sandlin about a forthcoming book on Christian Culture. The “In Woman” segment features Dr. Barbara Feil about a significant cause of marital sexual dysfunction.​ That, plus a very funny “Dadlife” segment, and topped off with “In Honor of the Pig,” the gourmet food discussion. Subscribe on iTunes.​ For Android users, the RSS link is here.​ Related Links:​ Center For Cultural Leadership “The Sexy Wife I Can’t Be”


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