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Chimeras, Living with Your Parents & Couric the Dragon Slayer

In this edition of DR Radio: Chimeras, Living with Your Parents & Couric the Slayer, we’ll be talking about scientists efforts to create the first chimera, a new study revealing that Millennials love living with their parents into their adult years the best, and Katie Couric’s new documentary on gun control! And as always a fan favorite game JesusJuke and a Disney-themed game of Botticelli.

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Welcome to Dead Reckoning Radio. We are Live! I’m your host, Jay Friesen. From her townhome in Denver, the lovely Hadley “Holiday” Heath and across this old door-turned-table table from me, the esteemed Dr. Brian “Hail Happy” Mattson. Dead Reckoning Radio is a live stream and podcast where we the three of us intelligently discuss those critical cultural moments from a distinctly Christian perspective.

And we have a great show for you today! We’ll be talking about Scientists efforts to create the first chimera, a new study revealing that Millennials love living with their parents into their adult years the best, and Katie Couric’s new documentary on gun control! And as always a fan favorite game JesusJuke and a game of Boticelli

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Quick Takes:

  • Hailstorms Galore! - Jay and Brian regale the audience with hail stories.
  • #GiveCapABoyfriend - Now people want to make Steve Rogers gay. Give it a rest, people. There a bigger issues. Like Marvel publishing, just yesterday, a new Captain America comic that make Steve Rogers a lifelong Hydra agent. What!!!?
  • Netflix Just Made the Actual “Chilling” More Difficult - Coming soon, exclusive rights to Disney, Marvel, Lucasfilm, and Pixar! Who’s psyched?
  • Methodical Methodists – The United Methodist Church finally reversed its pro-abortion stance this week. After 40 years. In other news, the denomination failed to discern what the Bible teaches about same-sex unions. Maybe they’ll chime in when 2056 rolls around.

Segment One: The Island of Dr. Moreau!

Utopia, the mythical island that represents heaven on earth, is not a real place. There is a place that represents hell on earth, however, and it is a real place. No, I’m not referring to North Korea (although that should be in the conversation); rather, I speak of the Island of Dr. Moreau, the mad scientist who breeds animals and humans!

Scientists in California are seeking to create the first chimera (pron., “kye-mare-uh”), a human-animal hybrid. If you’ve seen Dr. Moreau, you probably understand that this doesn’t usually end well for humans. Sadly, this isn’t fiction and is drawing a lot of questions from bioethicists and other researchers. One of the researchers says, “I don’t consider that we’re playing God or even close to that…We’re just trying to use the technologies that we have developed to improve peoples’ life.”

Okay, guys: As Christians, is it important to fight for the distinction between man and animal? Where is the line? Are there ethical boundaries? What are they? Fire away!

[Game: #JesusJuke]

Jesus Juke

“I’ve been so tired lately between working full time and trying to be a good parent. It feels good just to relax with some friends and a good beer.”

Segment Two: Failure to Launch!

A new Pew Research Study is out and, for the first time since at least the 1880’s, it’s now more popular for young adults to live with their parents than any other living arrangement. Cue the “millennials-are-the-crappiest-generation-ever” essays. But we already know that. What’s interesting is that this trend has consistently increased every year that they’ve checked. The growth of this statistic isn’t what’s unique. What’s unique is the contrast between living with the parents to living with a spouse or partner.

What’s going on? Stunted adulthood and prolonged adolescence? Bad economy and massive student loan debt? Delay of marriage and fear of commitment due to divorce culture? All of the above?

What does the future portend when 1) no one is marrying 2) no one is having babies and now 3) no one is moving out of their parents’ house?

[Game: Botecelli - Disney Themed]

Segment Three: Katie Couric, Dragon-Slayer!

Celebrated journalist Katie Couric has a new documentary coming out on gun control. She gathers a group of gun enthusiasts and asks them penetrating, devastation, render-you-speechless questions. As in, there is a literal scene in which she asks the group a question about how to stop terrorists from buying guns if there are no background checks. The camera pans around for ten seconds and there is complete silence. The gun rights advocates look puzzled and pensive, glancing down. And then the show moves on. Katie Couric, Dragon-Slayer!

Except… the gun-rights boobs aren’t as stupid as you might be led to believe. They happened to have recorded the event in its entirety, and released the audio of what actually happened. To put it mildly, what occurred is nothing whatsoever like what the movie portrays. Immediately after asking the question, she gets no less than four straight minutes of thoughtful answers. Naturally, she replaced it in the movie with… silence, and unrelated footage from elsewhere when the group wasn’t saying anything.

Will it matter? Does anybody care about journalistic ethics? It seems like some organizations do pay token attention to it (e.g., firing of Brian Williams), but can they ignore something this flagrant? Will they?

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