Ep.12 - Commodore Bridger, Burqas, and Babystrollers

Dead Reckoning Podcast - Episode 12

In the Spindle, Jay talks about Islam and more Islam, while Brian reflects on Feedly’s major tech fail and the wonderful benefits of not reading the news. In the Above the Paygrade segment they welcome Sean R.S. Bridger to the show, Skyping in from the Muslim world. Sean (a pseudonym) lives and works in an unnamed Muslim country, and he gets the designation, “Ecclesiastical Special Forces Operator.” They talk about the contradictions of Islamic culture, major differences between Christianity and Islam, and how ordinary people never confront “Islam”; they confront people .

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Show Notes

Jay’s Spindle

Go To The Barricades For Religious Liberty.

What’s Causing Unrest in Turkey?

Brian’s Spindle

Erick Erickson, Reality Check.