Dead Reckoning Radio Ep. 9: Refugees, Girls to Men, & Private Property 1

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Refugees and Syrian Situation

  • Hadley’s trip report
  • Further discussion on world events and the overall crisis:
    • The on-going threat that is ISIS it’s impact on us, refugees and otherwise
    • Putin’s going for a landgrab, he may be bombing ISIS now but he’s fully in with Assad effectively tying the US’s leadership hands in the situation.
    • On that note, NATO is prepare to defend Turkey from Russia’s advances.  Russia’s like the stalker wanna-be boyfriend: https://news.vice.com/article/nato-is-getting-ready-to-defend-turkey-from-russia

Break - Agents of the ADF

NVN: (Hadley and Brian Tie)

  • “Gender Ninja”

Girls to Men

A gender transition video went viral over the weekend promoting a new show called Girls to Men being produce by UK outfit, Channel 4. Part of their “Born in the Wrong Body Season” It’s remarkable. From a girl to a dood with facial hair. Blinded by freak shows? They want to tell us that sex and gender identity is no big deal but if it was, they wouldn’t make a TV show on it. You don’t make shows based on “normal”. Commence discussion.

CMP Vids

The Center for Medical Progress released another Planned Parenthood undercover video and Senate hearings to defund PP are still going on.  Do you think the populace is wearing on the videos? Do you think they’re video trickle is too slow? What’s your opinions?

Break - ADF News Update

#NOTN: (Brian - Brian Leads by 2)


Amazon, Netflix and Digital “Rights”

A few articles have been released talking about the inevitable phenomena where Amazon, Apple or other tech giants disappear and take our movies, books and music with them. This is an intriguing topic from the angle of private property. It used to be we’d own something for reals, we could resell it, copy it, burn it, whatever but now, we’re don’t really own anything. It feels like we’re being groomed to redefine private property as something that’s communal or bestowed onto us by a larger entity say a business or you know, a government. Brian, as far as I understand it, true private property is something of value for a greater purpose than self-gratification.

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