Dead Reckoning Radio - Episode 1 0

Episode 1 of Dead Reckoning Radio


7:00 Fox News “Leg Chair” - Article

10:00 A&F “Look Policy” - Article

12:00 Women’s “Positive Agenda for Conservatives” Panel - More on the event and topics discussed in this book

15:00 SCOTUS: King V. Burwell (Affordable Healthcare Act) - Good primer recommended by Hadley

30:00 Political Football, Marco Rubio and 2016 Burnout

33:00 The #Dadbod and Double Standards - Article on Dadbod recommended by Hadley

37:30 A Culture of Outrage Flopping and the Importance of Language

44:30 “What’s On Your Playlist?” - The Spotify playlist for the podcast

- Miley Cyrus Happy Hippie Backyard Sessions, Look What They’ve Done to My Song Ma
- Brian’s Article on The Stream about U2
(Ain’t Worth the Whiskey on YouTube)

56:00 Caitlyn (Bruce) Jenner
- Russel Moore article on what the church should say to Bruce Jenner
- Paul McHugh, MD, article at Public Discourse

59:00 #NotTheOnionNews Gaia Democratic School takes kids to an adult novelty store

1:01:00 #AskATheologian: Does God have a gender identity? - The article Hadley read about the Church of England Bishops and God as She

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