Dead Reckoning Radio - Episode 2



Open: Charleston Shooting Comments

14:20 #SJW

  • Anonymous Tumblr Defintion: The difference between an SJW and an activist: An activist tries tget a ramp added to a building for easier wheelchair access. The SJW tries to get the stairs removed because they might offend people who can’t use them.
  • This episode’s SJW award goes to: Jane Marie at for her online tantrum, rather blog post: “Don’t Tell me I Can’t Get A F***ing Neck Tattoo”

19:20 Trade Bill

  • What’s with Republicans lining up with the trade unions?
  • Who’s really battling what in this and why does it matter?

23:50 #FreeTheNipple

30:30 NvN: “Barn”

35:15 #SCOTUS Watch

  • There are only two major issues we should be concerned with

43:00 #TrumpForPrez

50:30 #NTON Not The Onion News

56:00 Over the Counter Birth Control

1:09:20 What’s On Your Playlist?

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