Dead Reckoning Radio - Episode 4


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Open: Iran Deal

While this may sound like just another foreign policy deal, a man’s life is at stake who we’re all very familiar with. Iran and most of the rest of the world are trying to get a nuke deal with Iran to keep those crazy Arabs from creating something ISIS could use to blow up the world. Well a part of that agreement was the release of US Citizen and father of 2 and Pastor, Saeed Abedini who was thrown in prison in 2012 because he wouldn’t convert to Islam.

9:30 Trump and Walker

Scott Walker enters the race and Donald Trump is converting his hot air to steam.

17:50 Coming Out…in Favor of Same-Sex Marriage

Several notable cultural figures have come out in support of same-sex marriage: ex-editor of Relevant Magazine, Tyler Huckabee, former editor for Relevant Magazine and Julie Rodgers who now left, Wheaton College.

27:20 Nerd vs. Nerd: “Narcisexual”

39:00 Planned Parenthood

The Center for Medical Progress released the first video of a 3 year undercover expose into Planned Parenthood’s selling of aborted babies’ body parts. Gruesome to the core.

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54:00 Colorado is ending state-funded IUDs

The pilot IUD for minors program in Colorado is expiring and abortions are down, that’s a good thing right?

1:04:10 #NTON

1:10:00 Nuns Must comply with Birth Control Mandate

10th Circuit courts rule that a nun-run non-profit is NOT exempt from the birth control mandates in the ACA. Say what?

1:16:30 What’s On Your Playlist?

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