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Dead Reckoning Radio Ep 5
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Show Sponsor: Alliance Defending Freedom This episode is sponsored in full by Alliance Defending Freedom who advocate for your right to freely live out your faith. In court, they’re defending high-profile threats to religious freedom like Former Atlanta Fire Chief, Kelvin Cochran, and low-profile, but no less important cases like the lawsuit against Douglas County School District in Colorado. There are some folks in the world who don’t want religious schools participating in Douglas County School district activities simply because they’re religious! Ludicrous! Well, ADF is fighting that battle for our faith every day. To find out more or support their work, head over to their website, www.adflegal.org.

2:00 SJW of the week: 

7:15 Planned Parenthood

24:00 Franklin Graham on Muslim Immigration

32:50 Not The Onion News

38:00 Carly Fiorina (Carly’s Crushing Cuts)

53:00 The Republican party is kind of a mess

1:06:00 Nerd v. Nerd: “Lip Boxing”

1:13:45 Brian Reviews Go Set A Watchman (Book)

1:20:45 Hadley Reviews Trainwreck (film)

1:29:40 What’s On Your Playlist?

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