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Welcome to the first episode of Dead Reckoning Radio for 2016!

Happy New Year!

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Quick Takes

  • Any personal resolutions we want to share with our viewers?
  • For fun, give one prediction for 2016.

Congratulations to Hadley! This past week, Forbes Magazine named Hadley as a “Top 30 Under 30” for law and public policy. Super awesome. http://www.forbes.com/30-under-30-2016/law-policy/

President Vetoes the Planned Parenthood Defunding Bill

As expected, this week President Obama vetoed without ceremony a bill defunding Planned Parenthood. What was somewhat unexpected is that the bill arrived on his desk at all.

  • What does it mean culturally and politically, and what is the way forward now?
  • Critics of the GOP claim the bill was pure show, and if they were really serious they would have made it part of the omnibus bill earlier in December.
  • Was the GOP serious? Because unless they wanted to force a government shutdown right before Christians it was exactly, forgive the term, viable.

Oregon Standoff

Protestors in Oregon took over an empty federal facility to protest the Federal Government’s treatment of two ranchers convicted of arson. This raises a whole host of questions: Eminent Domain. Armed protests. Federal land rights. Mandatory Minimum Laws. Mormons being… interesting. Would they be treated differently if they were brown or black (because EVERYTHING must be compared to race issues nowadays b/c clicks)?

  • Ammon and Ryan Bundy - Led the Nevada Standoff in April 2014

Nerd v. Nerd: Petextrian -

  1. One who texts while walking, usually unaware of their surroundings. ex: John spilled hot coffee all over himself when the petextrian ahead of him stopped short.

Guns and Ammo

President Obama unveiled a new series of executive orders relating to gun regulation, once again igniting a firestorm over the 2nd Amendment. He wept during his speech, and followed it up with an invitation-only “Townhall” event. He then threatened fellow Democrats that he will not campaign for or support anyone not on board with his gun policies.

Hadley, you wrote a very popular piece at US News & World Report. What do you think?

Maternity Leave

Alright Hadley is an arguably classy way to present one side of the argument. Since  you’re our resident cold, heartless, conservative public policy wonk—completely devoid of compassion, a hater of mothers and children everywhere, please explain why having paid family leave is not a good idea.

Swift Sleuths

Some possible answers - Sherlock Holmes, Hercule Poroit, Miss Marple, Dirk Gently, Veronica Mars, Columbo, Castle, Tin Tin, Jessica Fletcher, Lord Peter Wimsey, Jessica Jones (P.I.), Thomas Magnum, Dick Tracy, Inspector Clouseau, Max Payne, Basil of Baker Street, Adrian Monk, Inspector Gadget, Frank Drebin, Ace Ventura, The Scooby Gang…>

Making a Murderer and The Stability of Public Institutions

The Netflix Original series, “Making a Murderer” ignited social media this week. The ten-part documentary chronicles the murder conviction of Steven Avery, a man who had previously been falsely convicted of rape and served 18 years in prison. The film convinced many that Avery had been framed and wrongly convicted for the murder of 25-year-old Teresa Halbach. So naturally, pitchfork-wielding social justice warriors everywhere are calling for Avery’s pardon.

This week’s show is brought to in its entirety, commercial free by Alliance Defending Freedom. A non-profit legal advocacy organization defending your right to freely live out your faith. For more information, please visit www.adflegal.org.

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