Welcome to the Dead Reckoning Radio! In this edition we talk about VidAngel …or is it VidDemon? Disney might win this intellectual property battle. We’ll talk about that lawsuit later in the show and in our first major segment we’ll be talk about the bombing in Cairo and increased persecution in the global church.You can listen to the show using the player or other options below. We also include the show notes in this post for you to follow along or check our sources.

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Show Notes

Hello and an official Merry Christmas on this December 13th and final 2016 edition of Dead Reckoning Radio! I’m your host Jay Friesen joined, as always by the lovely Mrs. Hadley Heath and man of renown, Dr. Brian G. Mattson DR Radio is where the three of us sit around this old door-turned-table and intelligently engage with our culture’s critical moments from a distinctly Christian perspective.

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And about that episode-we’ll be talking about VidAngel…or is it VidDemon? Disney might win this intellectual property battle. We’ll talk about that lawsuit later in the show and in our first major segment we’ll be talk about the bombing in Cairo and increased persecution in the global church.

As always we’ll have our games of wit and whimsy coming back from our sponsor breaks. Today’s games in fact are Nerd v. Nerd and Let’s Go To the Movies! Holly Jolly Edition-Trivia.
But first! Some…

Quick Takes

•The Weather Outside is Frightful!Happy Holiday season, everyone! It’s the time of year when the world gets colder and hearts get warmer as we anticipate Christmas. Do you guys have any Christmas traditions to share with listeners?

•Tweet of the Year? This morning vox.comtreated Twitter users to possibly the greatest moment in the history of the platform, and we just want to note it for posterity. It was the headline for their new review of the film Rogue One. It read: “Rogue One is the first Star Wars movie to acknowledge the whole franchise is about war.” Much hilarity and mockery ensued.

•Filling the Pantry-Er, Cabinet President-Elect Donald Trump has been busy filling his cabinet positions for his incoming administration, nearly all of which have horrified the left and most of which thrilled the right. Twitter has been the usual insanity. We could talk about this for a whole show, but hey, we’ll have the next four years. But what’s your quick-take? What do you think of the cabinet so far?

•Planned Parenthood dot Gov? Does abortion-providing giant Planned Parenthood need your taxpayer dollars? It’s an article of faith for some, but developments since the election seem to point the other direction. They have a very large constituency that seems only too happy to keep them afloat. Hamiltoncreator Lin-Manuel Miranda is running a ticket-giveaway fundraiser, and others have been donating in the name of Vice President-Elect Mike Pence, a staunch pro-lifer. Hadley, you wrote a piece in the Washington Examinerabout this. Tell us more!

Segment One: The Global Church at Christmas, A.D. 2016

Christmas is a time when we’re reminded that Jesus won the war and light triumphs over darkness, but the reality is that battles still rage. Two thousand years after those momentous events, the Church of Jesus Christ still endures opposition and persecution. This week brought us several reminders.

An Islamic suicide bomber in Cairo detonated an explosive that killed 25 worshipers at St. Mark’s Cathedral, the deadliest attack in Egypt since 21 were killed in Alexandria in 2011. If we also remember the Coptic martyrs beheaded by ISIS a few years ago, it is easy to see that this ancient Christian community is on the front lines for their faith.

In India, the government has frozen the funds of Compassion International, as a result of increased pressure to prohibit non-Hindu NGOs from operating in the country. 145,000 children served by Compassion will no longer have access to *your* generous donations.

Meanwhile, in Jakarta, Indonesia, the Christian Governor is standing trial for blasphemy! You heard that correctly. Ahok Burnama, the Governor of Jakarta, is a Christian accused of insulting the Koran when he criticized his Muslim opponents’ flagrant attempts to make an issue of his “not being Muslim” in the election campaign. So that sounds fair: “Hey, he’s a Christian; don’t vote for him!” “Hey, stop using Islam for political purposes!” “Blasphemer!!!” That about sums it up, folks. Maybe we should talk about how a Reformed Calvinist Christian became Governor of a 90% Muslim country in the first place… talk about “Stranger Things”!?

Talking about the global church raises a few interesting questions. Is it worse today than it has been for awhile, or are we only more awareof it because of the proliferation of information the Internet provides?

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Segment Two: VidDemon or VidAngel?

Striking news today: a Federal judge granted an injunction for the Disney Corporation against popular movie-streaming company VidAngel. This means a couple of things: the judge has determined that Disney is likely to prevail in their underlying lawsuit, and that VidAngel’s continued operation will do substantial damage until it is resolved one way or another. So what is the lawsuit about? Well, VidAngel streams movies to you after they’ve been stripped of anything you find objectionable, whether profanity, sex, violence, and so forth. And they promise to do it for just $1.00. Disney claims this is a copyright violation and sued to protect their intellectual property.
Now, lots of Christians are big fans of VidAngel and their product, and are upset at the prospect of them getting shut down. What do you guys think? How should we think about this? Who has the better moralcase? I mean, let’s just assume for the moment that Jesus doesn’t want us to hear profanity or see sexual content. Would he approve of how VidAngel promises to do that?

How should we think about intellectual property? Do artists have a right to their work after it’s been sold?
Is there a sense of entitlement going on here? Would we treat intellectual property this way in other areas of life?


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Bonus round:

____________ from the ___________  of Glory (Angels, Realm)

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Segment Three: Expand Your Horizons (Brian-An Advent Poem on the meaning of Christmas)

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