DR Radio: WWE Politics Has Us All Stressed Out

In this edition of DR Radio, we look at the recent bombing in Manchester, the current ( stressed out) status of US politics, and an update on Christianity in Indonesia.

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Show Notes, May 25, 2017

Welcome everyone to the May 25th edition of Dead Reckoning Radio! I am your host, Jay Friesen joined around the table by Hadley Heath Manning and Dr. Brian G. Mattson. DR Radio is where we discuss the latest in cultural topics from a distinctly Christian worldview.

Today’s show is gonna be a good one. We have a lot to to talk about- several quick takes from our regular healthcare updates and WWF politics here Stateside to “pluralism”in Indonesia. We’ll be diving into the bombing in Manchester and a Turbulent Trump administration for your two main segments. Between those segments we’ll hear from one of our sponsors and of course play games of wit and whimsy! Specifically Not The Onion News and Political Babelfish.

We do want to thank today’s sponsor: Alliance Defending Freedom- Defending your right to freely live out your faith! You can find out more at www.adflegal.org. We’ll be hearing more from them at the break.

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Quick Takes

  • Hadley’s Movin’ On Up! Hadley got a promotion! Tell us about it!
  • Summer Updates - It’s been awhile since our last show. What’s everyone up to? Summer plans?
  • Healthcare Update - Hadley, what’s going on in healthcare reform world?
  • WWF in Politics! - Yesterday Republican Congressional Candidate Greg Gianforte was charged with assaulting a reporter, causing last-second drama to the special election being held today. The reporter claims he was “body slammed” and Montana’s newspapers wasted no time in rescinding their endorsements. Lots of hot takes about Trump’s boorish influence on politics, etc. What do we make of it?
  • Blasphemy in Indonesia - We’ve reported before on the ouster of the Christian Governor of Indonesia. In updated news, after losing the election he has chosen not to appeal his criminal conviction for blasphemy, and will serve a prison sentence. Indonesia is, on paper, a religiously pluralistic country; this does not bode well for its future.
  • So Let’s Send Christians to Indonesia? - U.S. Immigration recently deported an Indonesian man who had fled persecution for his Christian faith. His deportation comes after living in the United States for 16 years. He was forced to leave behind his wife and teenage son. Um, huh!
  • Scarlet Letter for Choosing Life? A small Christian school in Maryland managed to get featured in the New York Times, but it’s probably not worth celebrating. One of their graduating seniors, a young woman with a 4.0 GPA, was barred from her graduation ceremony. The reason? She is pregnant. There seems to be some conflict between pro-life values and sexual purity. Is there really?

Segment One: Manchester

On Monday, 22-year-old Selman Abedi walked into the foyer at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester and detonated the bomb in his backpack, killed 22 people and maiming dozens of others. The victims included parents (a father and mother killed while waiting to pick up their daughters) and children. First responders worked hard, the local population sheltered people amidst the chaos, taxi drivers gave free rides, and homeless men helped get people medical help.

The bomber’s brother and father have been arrested in Libya on suspicion of plotting terrorism, and the UK has moved their terror watch level to critical.

Sadly, it seems we have to talk about these sorts of events way too often. How should Christians respond to such evil?


[Sponsor] ADF:  Cal State San Marcos: 2:43

[Game] NTON

Pigeon busted smuggling drugs in tiny backpack - http://www.newshub.co.nz/home/world/2017/05/pigeon-busted-smuggling-drugs-in-tiny-backpack.html

Texas approves hog hunting by hot air balloon - http://kxan.com/2017/05/25/texas-approves-feral-hog-hunting-by-hot-air-aballoon/?preview_id=477896

Fake headlines:

Alabama approved Alligator hunting from dune buggy

Vomiting dinosaur exhibit big hit in Cincinnati

Segment Two: The Country is Stressed Out

President Donald Trump has had a rather tumultuous couple of weeks. In the midst of raging speculation about political connections/collusion with Russia, he fired FBI Director James Comey. It sort of looked bad because Comey was investigating the alleged Russia connection. The President’s surrogates all went out and claimed on national TV that the firing had nothing to do with Russia, but rather Comey’s handling of the Hillary Clinton investigation last year.

Just when the story was down pat, President Trump then did an interview in which he said, forthrightly, that he did fire Comey because he was unhappy with the Russia investigation. Sigh.

Then Comey claimed that Trump had asked him to turn a blind eye to certain misdeeds of former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn-potentially, this could be viewed as felony obstruction of justice. As the dust swirled instead of settling, a special outside investigator was called in: former FBI Director Robert Mueller.

High drama in Washington these days! Guys, how much stress can our political system take!


[Sponsor] ADF: Norvilla Etienne’s Story: 1:53

[Game] Political Babelfish!

We’ll play an extemporaneous version of ObamaFish with a twist… like the BabelFish in the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy!

Basically, Jay gives Brian and Hadley a statement made by a figure in politics and Brian and Hadley get to come up with the “real” interpretation.

Political statements:


Segment Three: Dead Reckoning Recommends (Brian)

Hadley and Brian Socials


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