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Quick Takes:
• From Jacob Seay on Facebook, in honor or what some are calling Star Wars day (Isn’t every day Star Wars day?) what’s your favorite ship in the SW universe?
• Hip-hop artist Lecrae stood in with The Roots on Jimmy Fallon Tuesday night. Anyone a fan?
• Mother’s day is Sunday!

Segment One: The Insane Orange Overlord Outlasts Them All
Donald Trump wins the Republican Nomination for President!

• Is this the end of the GOP?
• Can he win in November? What are his prospects?
• How should Christians vote?

[Not the Onion News]

Segment Two: China Cracks Down on NGOs
China just announced that they’re tightening restrictions on foreign NGO’s. This will undoubtably affect the missions orgs at work there and others trying to make a difference on the human rights front. This is especially depressing on the heels of news late last year that they were removing the public displays of crosses and then the news this week that they had buried a pastors wife alive in a dispute over land rights that the church eventually won.

This seems a bit removed from us here in the states, but is it?

• (http://www.christianitytoday.com/gleanings/2016/april/after-pastors-wife-buried-alive-chinese-church-wins-land.html)
• https://foreignpolicy.com/2016/04/29/it-just-got-harder-to-make-a-difference-in-china-harsh-new-ngo-law-clamps-down-on-foreign-organizations/

[Games of Wit: Fill In the Blank - Tony Awards Edition!]

Segment Three: Do Women Have a Right to Privacy After All?
Another chapter in the ongoing “bathroom” battles. The U.S. Department of Justice has warned North Carolina that their recent law ensuring that the sexes use their designated restrooms violates (they say) violates Title 9—the statute prohibiting “sex discrimination.”

ADF has just turned the tables, however, suing, on the behalf of 51 plaintiffs, a Chicago school district as well as the Departments of Education and Justice for mandating a policy that biological boys be allowed to use girls’ locker room and bathroom facilities. They maintain that the school has a duty to protect the privacy and dignity of female students.

We’ve been told for a generation now (ever since Roe v. Wade) that a woman’s “right to privacy” is enshrined in the Constitution, right? How does the left square that circle?

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