DR Radio: Abedini, Persecution and Trump’d Evangelicals

Welcome to the January 21, 2016 edition of DR Radio! In this episode Hadley, Brian, and Jay talk about the great news of Pastor Saeed’s release, the persecution of the global church, and the evangelical Trumpeters. This episode is sponsored by the Alliance Defending Freedom.

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[Segment 1: Church News (God’s)]

Pastor Saeed Abenini Released

There is reason for the entire Christian community to rejoice! Pastor Saeed Abedini and three other prisoners have been released by the government of Iran in exchange for a 7 of Iranians sanctioned for crimes against the US. Christians have been praying and petitioning for Saeed’s release for several years now, and we rejoice that it has come to fruition. Saeed’s wife, Nagadeh, has asked for continued prayer—apparently, there had been little-known problems in their marital relationship, and they have a lot of challenges ahead.

Persecution and Violence

On Friday night, elsewhere in the city, 6 Canadians entered the popular Burkina Faso, West African, Cappuccino Café for the their last night out before flying home.

As the group sat there enjoying their final get together after a successful, three-week missions trip. Gunfire ripped through the clamor of the café - bullets of Islamic extremists tearing the life from them and 23 other people including an American missionary meeting with a local pastor seated at the next table.

Early the next morning, Al-Qaeda extremists, possibly co-horts of the previous night’s attack, stormed the home of 80 year old Austrailian missionary doctor, Ken Elliot kidnapping he and his wife, Jocelyn. No further word is known.

These are particular stories in a disturbing narrative more globally. ADF reports this week that in just a few years’ time, the number of Christians in Syria has dropped from 1.25 Million to 500,000, and in Iraq the Christian community has dropped from 1.4 Million to 275,000. What is happening is a genocide right in front of our eyes as some of the most ancient Christian communities are being decimated and displaced by radical Jihad.

Remember the great cost people are taking for the gospel of Jesus Christ. And resolve to be just as dedicated to whatever task God has placed in front of you!

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Segment Two: State News (Caesar’s)

Presidential Primaries

[Clip: Palin Endorsing Trump - Supercut] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uj3jIhaO6g4

This sums up the current madness of the Republican Presidential primary race. Hadley, Brian? Does this help Trump? Hurt Cruz? Have any effect at all?

Evangelicals and Trump

Another noteworthy event has raised eyebrows in the race. Jerry Falwell, Jr., President of Liberty University, invited Donald Trump to address the student body and gave a gushing introduction. He urged his listeners to judge the tree by its fruit, and, by his lights, Donald Trump’s financial success is evidence of his being a good Christian… or something. This once again raised the hotly contested question of whether Trump has substantial support in the evangelical community - which according to World Magazine’s Evangelical Insider’s Survey - you know, those heavy-hitting, highly-influence types- is not a question at all!

The asked: “If the Presidential election were to day, which declared candidate do you prefer?” Trump had a whopping 4.9%! Compared to Rubio at 48.8%. For the record, Cruz was second at only 28.1%.a

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Show Sponsor: Alliance Defending Freedom. Defending your right to freely live out your faith. www.adflegal.org