DR Radio: Locker Room Intolerance and The Asian Holocaust

In this edition of DR Radio, we chat about the GOP healthcare debacle, Vimeo stirring the pot, boys being forced to share a locker room with a girl, and a new report on the horrific consequences of China’s one-child policy (Asian holocaust?).

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Show Notes:

Hello everyone and welcome to the March 28th edition of Dead Reckoning Radio! I am your host, Jay Friesen along with Hadley Heath Manning and Dr. Brian G. Mattson. DR Radio is where we discuss the latest in cultural topics from a distinctly Christian worldview.

And on today’s show, we’ll be discussing the largest holocaust in human history, sex ed labs in schools, what I’m watching right now on DR Recommends and as always your games of wit and whimsey, Master Chef, and Not the Onion News.

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Quick Takes

  • AHCA Debacle! Well, that went well. Hadley, what happened with the Republican Party last week? And what in the world are they going to do now?
  • Living “Biblically”! CBS has announced that they’ve picked up a pilot for a new TV show called, “Living Biblically,” a show based on A.J. Jacobs’ book The Year of Living Biblically. So, is this going to be a thought-provoking look at religion and life, or something more like, “Hey, let’s put a Christian in a cage at the zoo so people can gawk at him!”?
  • Vimeo Takes a Side! Recently Vimeo pulled down over 800 videos produced by Christian ministry PurePassionTV. Why? The channel is devoted to sharing stories of gospel transformation by and to people with same-sex attraction. In an email exchange, Vimeo made clear to the ministry that any video presenting same-sex attraction as anything less than worthy of celebration is not allowed. Canary in the coal mine? How long will any major streaming platform be available for ministries that don’t agree with the new sexual orthodoxy?

Segment One: Sex Ed Class Now Has a Lab Component

Speaking of the new sexual orthodoxy, a student in Pennsylvania is suing the Boyertown Area School District for their new policy of allowing co-ed locker rooms. According to the lawsuit (full disclosure: brought by today’s sponsor, ADF), without notifying parents or students, the district initiated the policy midway through last semester. The student alleges that he was completely unaware of the policy when, to his shock, a girl in a bra and shorts was in the locker room with him while he was in his underwear.

When he complained to the principal, he was told he could either tolerate it or “be homeschooled.” (So much for tolerance and inclusion!) The principal then told the boy to make it as “natural” as possible to share the locker room with females. So, what do we think? Is this good public policy? If not, why not?

Lawsuits are great and all, but what can we do to be more proactive on this kind of issue?


[Sponsor] ADF: Pre-Enforcement Challenge 2:35

[Game] Master Chef

Jay identifies a food that Hadley and Brian are going to “make”. Hadley and Brian then take turns stating an ingredient that goes in the dish. They go back and forth until someone mentions an ingredient that wouldn’t “fit” for that food. That player loses. Jay will be the final judge on whether a food fits.

Meatloaf - Veal, pork, oregano, salt, shallots, breadcrumbs (in milk and eggs), Hunt’s, BBQ

Segment Two: The Asian Holocaust

Absolutely breathtaking news hit the wires this week, and nobody noticed. Barely a whimper. Blown away in the wind.

The Chinese government released a report documenting statistics surrounding their population control efforts since 1971. In the span of 46 years, the Chinese government has aborted 336,000,000 — that’s 336 MILLION — or THREE HUNDRED THIRTY-SIX MILLION babies.

The Gospel Coalition’s Joe Carter puts this into perspective. Not only is this more than the entire US population, it represents the killing of more human beings than in the ten deadliest wars combined. The Nazis exterminated 6 to 11 million people. Stalin, another 40. China has exterminated 336 MILLION. This represents the largest single holocaust in recorded human history. And the Chinese government wasn’t admitting it; they were bragging about it. And almost nobody was shocked.

After we take a moment to let these figures shock us, let’s talk about a few things.

  • Why does nobody care?
  • Why should they care?
  • Should we worry about population control? If not, why not?
  • Is this a basic worldview divide? (Roll the Taunton tape!)

Hug your babies.


[Sponsor] UW Madison Student MOS: 4:08

[Game] NToN:

Writer ‘horrified’ after Google uses his exposé to spread lies about caramelized onions  (http://www.cbc.ca/radio/asithappens/as-it-happens-wednesday-edition-1.4015362/writer-horrified-after-google-uses-his-expos%C3%A9-to-spread-lies-about-caramelized-onions-1.4015369)

(Fake) After speaking out on Twitter, Chrissy Teigen barred from United flight for wearing leggings

Segment Three: Dead Reckoning Recommends (Jay)

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