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In this edition of DR Radio, we chat about the rise of “science” in our society and why it matters, a victory for pro-lifers, and have a new DR Recommends.

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Show Notes, April 18, 2017

Hello everyone and welcome to the April 18th edition of Dead Reckoning Radio! I am your host, Jay Friesen joined today as usual, by Hadley Heath Manning and Dr. Brian G. Mattson. DR Radio is where we discuss the latest in cultural topics from a distinctly Christian worldview.

We have another 5-star rated show for you today: We’re gonna talk a whole lotta science! From a march in Washington to Planned-Parenthood funding, we’re all about anti-science today. And to close our show, Brian takes on DR recommendations for the week. As usual, we’ll have our games of wit and whimsy coming out of our two sponsor breaks- specifically: Nerd vs. Nerd and Two Truths and  lie: The North Korean Edition- so basically, the game will think to highly of itself and fail on start up. Ha!


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Quick Takes

  • A notable movie-related things:
    • The Get Down - Jay’s DR Recommends a few weeks ago included the Netflix show The Get Down. We’re happy to report that a new season is now available. (Jay, a refresher on what that was about.)
    • PureFlix - For the first time ever, a Christian film is getting a net positive “fresh” rating on Rotten Tomatoes! PureFlix’s recent release, The Case for Christ, tells the story of investigative journalist Lee Strobel’s search for truth that resulted in his conversion to Christianity. Have you guys seen this?
    • The Last Jedi - Another Star Wars trailer hit the interwebs this week, this time for December’s installment of the series, entitled The Last Jedi. Fans are doing their usual happy dance; how about you? Is Star Wars in danger of “franchise fatigue”?
  • N.D. Wilson - We’re kind of fans of N.D. Wilson here at Dead Reckoning. Partly because he’s a wonderful author, but also because he was unusually kind to us. A few years back we did a wide-ranging interview with him for DRTV on literature and the arts (we’ll put a link in the show notes), and it was just one of the best interviews we ever had. Then, we discovered, to our horror, that we hadn’t actually recorded the audio! Nate was super gracious and agreed to reschedule to do it all over again. This week, just as his latest book is being released, he announced that he has a massive tumor in his brain. His doctors say it isn’t cancerous, but he’s going in for invasive surgery that could leave him quite impaired. Our prayers go out for him to have a successful surgery and swift recovery!
  • Finally, you guys might remember a video on Facebook showing the very real murder of 74yo Robert Godwin Sr. His family jumped on CNN this week with Anderson Cooper and stated:

“The thing I would take away most from my father is he taught us about God, how to fear God, how to love God and how to forgive. Each one of us forgive the killer, the murderer, we want to wrap our arms around him …

I promise you I could not do that (forgive) if I didn’t know God, if I didn’t know him as my God and my Savior. I could not forgive that man. And I feel no animosity against him at all. I actually feel sadness in my heart for this man.”

From <https://relevantmagazine.com/video/family-of-facebook-shooting-victim-tells-cnn-they-forgive-killer-and-speak-of-gods-love/>

  •  Jen Hatmaker wrote a blog post saying she had greater empathy for Christ’s death this Easter because she’s been crucified by the “Christian Machine.”


[Sponsor] ADF: Pastors 1:17

[Game] Nerd vs. Nerd

Backseat Buyer - A person who gets excited over other people’s future or current purchases.  ex: “Whenever I think about getting a new gadget, my dad becomes a backseat buyer.”

Segment One:: Science as Political Action Committee

On Saturday there will be another march on Washington, this time by advocates of… science? Yes. Alarmed by what many view as the “anti-science” stances of the new Trump Administration, thousands of scientists and their devotees will descend on the nation’s capital to protest things like oil and gas pipelines, inattention to global climate change, and so forth. They’re getting a lot of attention because they’ve landed “Science Guy” Bill Nye as a spokesman. If you guys have followed DR for any length of time, you, um, know what we think of Bill Nye’s science credentials. (Hint: Not much. See: Mystery Science Theater!)

There’s some pushback in the science community, with some arguing that “politicizing” science sends exactly the wrong message. Others reply that science has always been political, citing the infamous case of one Galileo.

What do you guys think? What’s driving this? Is it a good idea? Mistake?

  1. Does “science” have an overinflated role in our society? These folks seem like they think science doesn’t have enough of a role.
  2. How should we think about science and its role, if any, in public affairs?
  3. One of the overarching themes of this “pro-science” movement is that “science” is somehow pure and neutral, and should govern all policy prescriptions. Is science somehow immune from common human biases.

Segment Two: Another Conservative Victory

Speaking of being “anti-science,” President Trump signed the Congressional Review Act last week. I know, that’s about as bland a description of something as you could conceive. But anyway, it blocks an order signed by former President Obama that banned states from reallocating Planned Parenthood’s federal dollars to other clinics that do not offer abortions. In essence, this means that states will be free to decide to fund pro-life alternatives rather than Planned Parenthood. Of course, all those “science” marchers will loudly protest because Planned Parenthood is “pro-science” or something, even though it hasn’t figured out something as elementary as the birds and the bees yet.

What do you guys make of this policy? Is there a good chance PP loses its funding in a few states? A lot of states?


[Sponsor] ADF: Trinity Lutheran 2:12


[Game] Two Truths and a Lie: North Korean Edition

  1. Kim Il-sung will always be considered North Korea’s eternal leader.
  2. It is illegal to play soccer in the country because of the popularity of the sport in the South. (False)
  3. North Korea has it’s own calendar system. There it is the year 106.


  1. There are 18 haircuts state-approved for women.
  2. North Korea has the world’s largest stadium.
  3. North Korea owns billions of US dollars for currency manipulation. (False)


  1. They have three TV channels.
  2. At one point, all teachers were required to learn how to play the accordion.
  3. Everyone in the country is either starving or in prison. (False. about half the population is doing “ok” through a black market economy. The rest are either starving or in prison)


  1. Women are not legally allowed to wear trousers. (False)
  2. The country holds democratic elections every 5 years. (with one candidate on the ballot)
  3. Kim Jong-Un banned Choco Pies, fearing that their popularity would lead to uprising. (in response, S. Korea launched 50 balloons into the country carrying Choco Pies.)


  1. North Korean agents kidnapped a film director in order to create a film industry for the country.
  2. The only state-approved haircut for men is one like Kim Jung-Un. (False. There are 12 state-approved haircuts for men)
  3. Blue jeans are illegal in N. Korea.

Segment Three: Dead Reckoning Recommends (Brian)


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