Welcome to the April 29 Edition of DR Radio!
Target, Suicide Nation and the Carly Crush

Dead Reckoning Radio is where host Jay Friesen, the grieving , Hadley Heath and Dr. Brian G. Mattson intelligently engage with culture’s critical moments from a distinctly Christian perspective.

Those items up for discussion today include Target! Boycott or…not? America now has the highest suicide rate in 30 years and the Cruz/Fiorina ticket and how this is likely to play vs. Trump. As usual, we will have games of wit including Nerd vs. Nerd and a round of Jesus Juking. But first, some quick takes and updates!

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Show Notes

Quick Takes:

  • Personal Updates!
    • Jay: CLA Conference
    • Hadley? Any interest Fox Biz hits?
    • Brian: Why are you headed to Budapest?
  • Confectioners as Public Enemy

The curious case of Jack Phillips has ended, which confirmed the Colorado cake confectioner as a public menace! His crime? Acting according to his conscience by not baking a wedding cake for a same-sex union. A Colorado court denied his appeal, ordering him to supply wedding cakes for same-sex unions, “reeducate” his staff about non-discrimination, and to file quarterly compliance reports. Regardless of what you think of his position, this seems like a major governmental intrusion into a business owner’s conscience rights, doesn’t it? [Brian/Hadley, comment away]

Following the Obergefell decision there were many voices urging compromise—some kind of concession for those holding a view of marriage that has been universal for thousands of years, until about yesterday. Looks like no such luck. What you make of this? [Brian/Hadley, comment away]

  • Prince!

Another pop music icon passed away recently: Prince! Or is it “The Artist Formerly Known As Prince?” I can’t keep track. The public reaction was pretty surprising. When was the last time Prince was musically relevant? Everyone seemed devastated and professed undying love for him and his music. Hadley and Brian: can you fake it like everybody else? Tell us what you loved about Prince and his music!

Segment One: Target Lives Up To Its Name

In the wake of protests surrounding North Carolina’s so-called “bathroom bill,” consumer-goods giant Target publicized its policy concerning its public restrooms and dressing rooms. In essence, there is no distinction between ladies and gentlemen. Anyone is free to use whatever facility they wish, depending on how they “identify” their gender.

Some Christians are calling for a boycott of Target. Others argue that is a fruitless enterprise. What do you guys think?

What are the longer-term trends for this sort of thing?

 [Nerd v. Nerd]: flexitarian

Segment Two: Suicide Nation

In very sad news, the United States has recently hit a 30-year high in its suicide rate, and the jump is most noticeable in the middle-aged. This seems a strange statistic in the age of “Hope” and “Change.” What do you guys make of it?

Is it related to a poor economy/poor upward mobility/ crushing short-term debts loads, etc?

[Game of Wit: Jesus Juke]

Jesus Juke

What is a Jesus Juke?  Jesus juke is a phrase coined by the Stuff Christians Like guy, Jon Acuff back in 2010. Jesus jukes are moves that you make in conversation to showcase your superior Jesus-ness. Acuff defined it thusly: Like a football player juking you at the last second and going a different direction, the Jesus Juke is when someone takes what is clearly a joke filled conversation and completely reverses direction into something serious and holy. The sanctified Debbie Downer.

The terrible thing is that a Jesus juke usually stands in the way of actual compassion or correction and is usually just pharisaical preening SO we’re playing a game where Brian and Hadley get to come up with sick comebacks to a Jesus juke.

An excellent recent example of this comes from a conversation during last week’s CLA conference where Jay was boasting about his coffee snobbishness…

Comment: My brother just got an awesome new sportster with rad spoilers! Bet that car gets some speed!

Segment Three: Cruz/Fiorina

In a rather desperate effort to change the narrative of Donald Trump’s “inevitability,” Senator Ted Cruz announced as his running mate a favorite around these parts: Carly Fiorina. Will this change the narrative? What hopes are there for stopping Trump getting the majority of delegates before the convention? Are we coming to terms with a Trump nomination?