Welcome to the March 31 Edition of DR Radio on Video!
Bathroom Brawls, Little Sisters vs. Obamacare & Trump the Pro-Life Poser?

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We’re talking about the Bathroom brawl in North Carolina! You know, the one about having gender-based bathrooms is an anti-LGBT move. We’re talking about Nuns vs. Obamacare, otherwise known as the dual between the Little Sisters of the Poor and the Affordable Care act. And Donald Trump made it back into the show, this time because he said death to women! Well, not really, but sort of…anyway. We’ve also got Not the Onion News and a Batman vs. Superman inspired game of Fill in the Blank!

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Show Notes

Quick Takes (where Hadley channels her inner Primetime News with a :30 answer and Brian well, auditions to be a commentator.)

  • El Chapo Looking for a New “Purpose”
  • Batman v. Superman
  • Apple: From Moral High Ground to… Wha?????

Segment One: Bathroom Brawl!

Hadley’s home state of North Carolina is the scene of the latest firestorm over an alleged “anti-LGBT” law. The city of Charlotte adopted a non-discrimination ordinance that would have allowed people to use any restroom they like depending on whether they “identify” as a man or a woman. The state legislature quickly produced a bill nullifying that ordinance. The LGBT lobby and its allies retaliated by denouncing the state’s actions as some kind of dangerous theocratic assault on the LGBT community.

New York Governor Cuomo banned all official travel to North Carolina, and the National Basketball Association has threatened to cancel their plans for the All-Star game in Charlotte.

In related news, the State of Georgia is also under fire for the passage of a “religious liberty” bill, essentially a “RFRA” law, that the LGBT community says is a thinly-veiled law promoting discrimination. News outlets have taken to putting religious liberty in “scare quotes,” which suggests that it isn’t a real liberty after all.

  • These reactions seem fairly overblown. Are they? Are we surprised at the reaction?
  • Is anybody being denied bathroom facilities?
  • Doesn’t public safety take precedence?
  • Are these laws “pro-discrimination”?

 [NTON (Not The Onion News)]

Segment Two: Little Sisters Go to Court

The Little Sisters of the Poor finally got their day in court, challenging the Affordable Care Act’s requirement that they provide health plans with abortifacient drugs and…you know what? I’m gonna shut up…Hadley, this is your main dish, what’s going on?

  • Is the 4-4 makeup of the Court going to spell disaster?
  • Why pick on the Little Sisters, when all sorts of exemptions have been given to others?
  • The Court has asked the parties for more information on “whether and how” there could be alternative ways for the government to protect its interests. What does that mean?

[Game of Wit: Fill in the Blank]

Fill in the Blank Comic Book Movie Edition

Segment Three: Trump the Pro-Life Poser?

Businessman Donald J. Trump said something provocative, surprise, surprise! This time it was relating to abortion. Chris Matthews of MSNBC asked Mr. Trump if he thought there should be punishment for women who seek abortions. He replied, yes; there has to be some punishment.

Okay, now that we’re done smacking our foreheads: What does this tell you about Mr. Trump’s views on abortion? Is he really pro-life? Also: Is he trying to sabotage his own campaign?

What do you guys think about the question itself? Should we be promoting the idea of criminal sanctions against women who seek abortion services? Why or why not?