DR Radio on Video: Easter, Bombs, and Cuba - March 23 Edition 0

Welcome to the March 23 Edition of DR Radio on Video!
Easter, Bombs, and Cuba

This is where host Jay Friesen, the Colorado mountain girl, Hadley Heath, and the smartly dressed Dr. Brian Mattson sit around an old door-turned-table and intelligently engage with today’s critical cultural moments from a distinctly Christian perspective.

Politics is downstream from culture and on the front lines of culture, we have another great show for your today with a special emphasis on Easter! We’ll be talking about the President’s visit to Cuba, the bombing in Brussels and, as usual, Nerd vs. Nerd and a special game of wit: Name That Easter Song!

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Show Notes

Quick Takes:

  • Holy Week and Easter Sunday – It’s the high-point of the church calendar this week, as Christians across the globe celebrate the last week of the earthly ministry of Jesus. Any thoughts you’d like to share as you’ve reflected on Easter?
  • Adam LaRoche, Father of the Year? Chicago White Sox player Adam LaRoche suddenly retired last week, forgoing his entire 2016 $13 Million salary. That’s enough to raise eyebrows, but his reasons are what really got the sports world talking. Apparently, the ballclub told him he was no longer able to bring his 14-year-old son Drake to work every day! LaRoche instead simply quit.

Brian, you’re the baseball fan here. Lots of people are praising LaRoche (apparently he’s well-known for his Christian faith) for his apparently unshakable commitment to his family. This is “Father of the Year” kind of stuff! Or… is it? What do you think?

  • ISIS Persecution declared “Genocide” by the State Department – The U.S. State Department finally designated ISIS’s actions in Syria and Iraq as “genocide.” In other words, we now formally recognize that they are targeting people for purely religious/racial reasons. There’s now some confusion about what exactly all this means. Brian, Hadley: What do you guys make of it? (http://www.theatlantic.com/international/archive/2016/03/isis-genocide-designation/474414/)

Segment One: Brussels

At least 31 people were killed and hundreds wounded in a series of terrorist bombings in Brussels, Belgium yesterday. ISIS claimed responsibility, a claim few have reason to doubt. Massive manhunts continue as we speak, and all of Europe is once again on edge as these attacks become more frequent. We are, of course, heartsick for the victims and their families and outraged at indiscriminate mass slaughter of innocents.

Guys, it seems like these attacks continually raise the same issues. We’ve talked about them before. 1) Mass migration in Europe 2) Multiculturalism 3) fears of reprisals against peaceful Muslims, et cetera.

  • Are we watching the slow burn of Europe as we’ve known it?
  • And how long until those fires break out more frequently on our shores?
  • What can be done?

 [Nerd v. Nerd]  “Friendly Fade”

Segment Two: American President, Guest of the Castro Regime

President Barack Obama visited the Communist regime of Cuba this week, in a show of newfound solidarity after he eased relations with the island. No freedom protestors interrupted any events because all the known ones were understandably rounded up and thrown into jail in anticipation of the President’s visit. In an epic #Facepalm, The President had nice things to say about the way Cuba was run, and expressed our willingness to “learn from them.” I’ve been there, America wants to do NOTHING like them and we have NOTHING to learn from them, that country is a disaster.

The photo-ops were on the other hand were fun: First, a picture of Communist Dictator Raul Castro dangling the President’s arm over his head like he was handcuffing him. Then, a photo-op with the President of the United States standing respectfully in front of a mural of… Che Guevara. Finally, Castro and Obama doing the “wave” at a baseball game just hours after Brussels blew up.

  • Hadley, Brian, many people are tired of President Obama and are long past caring. Are these lame-duck actions of President Obama important?
  • We sort of expect he’s just going to do what he wants to do, but are there real-world ramifications?

 [Game of Wit an Whimsy] 

Name that Easter Song

Name That (Easter) Song

Line: God sent His son, they called Him Jesus. He came to love, heal, and forgive. He lived and died to buy my pardon, An empty grave is there to prove my Savior lives.

Title: Because He Lives (Gaither)

Line: I hear the Savior say,

“Thy strength indeed is small;

Child of weakness, watch and pray,

Find in Me thine all in all.”

Title: Jesus Paid It All

Line: What can wash away my sin?

Nothing but the blood of Jesus;

What can make me whole again?

Nothing but the blood of Jesus.

Title: Nothing But the Blood

Line: How can it be, the One who died, 

Has borne our sin through sacrifice 

To conquer every sting of death? 

Sing, sing hallelujah.

Title: Christ is Risen, He is Risen Indeed (Getty)

Line: Low in the grave he lay—

Jesus, my Saviour,

Waiting the coming day—

Jesus, my Lord.

Title: Up From the Grave He Arose

Line: Hear the Bells Ringing, they’re singing that we can be born again. Here the bells ringing, they’re singing Christ is risen from the dead.

Title: Easter Song (2nd Chapter of Acts/Keith Green)

Line: Christ the Lord is ris’n today, Alleluia!

Sons of men and angels say, Alleluia!

Raise your joys and triumphs high, Alleluia!

Sing, ye heav’ns, and earth, reply, Alleluia!

Title: Christ the Lord is Risen Today

Line: Crown Him the Lord of life,

Who triumphed over the grave,

and rose victorious in the strife

for those He came to save.

His glories now we sing,

Who died, and rose on high,

Who died eternal life to bring,

and lives that death may die.


Title: Crown Him with Many Crowns


Segment Three: Last Cuban Standing

Speaking of Cuba, let’s talk about another Cuban…the last one standing in the race for President of the United States: Senator Ted Cruz. With the collapse of the Marco Rubio campaign and only Governor John Kasich left to battle Donald Trump for the Republican nomination, one might think that conservatives of all stripes would rally around Cruz.

  • Is this happening?
  • Can he stop the Trump Train?