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Welcome to the March 10 Edition of DR Radio on Video!
There Will Be Wars and Rumors of Wars…and Circus Peanuts

This is where host Jay Friesen, the ever-insightful and good-looking Hadley Heath, the eminent and smartly dressed Dr. Brian Mattson sit around an old door-turned-table and intelligently engage with today’s critical cultural moments from a distinctly Christian perspective.

We’re talking today about as how Eddie Izzard might say, “death, death, death, humor, death, death, death.” ISIS, the recent outbreak of Palestinian violence, Iran getting trigger happy with missiles, Kim Jong Un trying on his big boy underwear panties again, Donald Trump going all Garth on the American donut, “Hey, I’m Mister Donut man, reeet, reeet, reet” death by slow stabbing of fork.

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Show Notes

Quick Takes:

  • RIPs:
    • First Lady Nancy Reagan.
    • Marriage Author Gary Smalley.
    • Christian Writer/Teacher Jerry Bridges.

Jesus in the movies!

  • Risen, The Young Messiah, Of Kings and Prophets (ABC Miniseries)

Segment One: There Will Be Wars…

  • There has been an outbreak of Palestinian violence in Israel in the last week. There were simultaneous attacks in Jaffa and Jerusalem, followed hours later by a stabbing spree in Tel Aviv that left an American tourist dead and ten wounded. In another Tel Aviv suburb, a Palestinian attacked a man with a knife; Police report that the victim pulled the knife out of his own throat and stabbed the attacker to death. Hamas, sadly, welcomed the string of attacks.   http://www.jpost.com/Arab-Israeli-Conflict/Breaking-Israeli-wounded-in-Petah-Tikva-terror-stabbing-447246

[Nerd v. Nerd]

Ambassadog – a dog who will act as international ambassadors for their home nation and show tourists everything the country has to offer. (Scotland is looking for one: http://time.com/4252881/scotland-search-dog-ambassador/)

Segment Two: …And Rumors of Wars

This week Iran tested two ballistic missiles capable of striking Israel. Not only that, but Iranian government revealed that the missiles had inscribed on them: “Israel must be wiped out.” In response, the United States says that this aggressive act is NOT a violation of their recent nuclear agreement. But the US will complain to … the United Nations, which could, in some alternate universe, impose sanctions on the Iranian regime. https://news.vice.com/article/iran-fires-test-missiles-bearing-phrase-israel-must-be-wiped-out-as-us-warns-of-retaliation?utm_source=vicenewstwitter&utm_medium=vicenewstwitteruk

This is all on the heels of Kim Jong Un increasingly aggressive posture of the North Koreans. Apparently, their dictator with a bad Bieber-fade wants to try on his big boy underwear again. The US announced that it is sending two B-2 bombers to the Asia-Pacific region for “military exercises.” This is no doubt intended to make Kim Jong Un put his pull-ups back on. http://www.seattletimes.com/nation-world/nation-politics/us-sending-b-2-bombers-to-asia-amid-nkorea-tension/

And that is not to mention China’s continued expansion in the South China Sea, the ongoing chaos in Syria, Putin’s aggression in Ukraine, and the possible exit of Britain from the European Union. Guys, the world is certainly in very, very uncertain times.

 [NTON: International Discoveries]

Segment Three: And at home… bread and circuses!

An event on Tuesday night possibly ranked as the ultimate Twilight Zone in American political history. No, Hadley did not talk for more than 30 seconds on Fox, Businessman Donald Trump held a press conference. What’s noteworthy is that well, watch:

I need a Trump Nueralyzer- that device used in Men in Black so I can forget what I just saw…are we watching our country become collectively insane? What are the prospects of keeping Donald Trump from winning the nomination? Is Rubio dropping out? Kasich? Will there be a unity ticket? What’s your guess?

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