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This edition of DR Radio is no exception to deep discussion and laughs. We’ll be discussing the latest news revealed in the Wikileaks hack, the party going down at the DNC in Philadelphia, Clinton’s running mate, Tim Kaine, and things going on this summer to take our minds off of heavier news. We’ve included the show notes below for you to follow along, if you’d like.

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Show Notes:

Good morning…or afternoon everyone and welcome to Dead Reckoning Radio! We are live and I am your host Jay Friesen in the studio live with the today-is-her-due-date Hadley Heath and the perpetually working on a book, Dr. Brian G. Mattson. DR Radio is where we sit around this old door-turned-table and discuss the latest cultural hotspots from a distinctly Christian perspective.

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Today, our world-class show continues with a Wiki-leaked DNC, Bernie, Hillary and Tim Kaine, and fiddling around while Rome burns or what you can do while depressed with the state of the world. On that note! Nerd vs. Nerd and Hillary’s Dictionary are today’s Game of Wit and Whimsy.

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Quick Takes

  • Tim LaHaye – No longer having to worry about being left behind, popular Christian teacher and author Tim LaHaye passed away this week. Best known for his extremely popular Left Behind series, co-authored with Jerry Jenkins, LaHaye wrote many other books on Christian teaching, with a particular focus on Bible prophecy. He was 90 years old.
  • Father Jacques Hamel – At age 86, Catholic priest Jacques Hamel passed away yesterday in a small French village when two Muslim radicals stormed into his church and cut off his head. We feel his martyrdom is worthy of commendation. And, we might suggest, outrage.
  • Pokemon, uh, Stop? – The popularity of Nintendo’s Pokemon Go! App caused the company’s stock to nearly double. After they informed stockholders that the financial benefits of the app would be “limited,” they took an immediate 18% plunge, the largest for the company since 1990.
  • Turkey Update – The fallout from the failed coup attempt in Turkey continues, some of it worrisome. The government has apparently embraced the policy that even suggesting that Erdogan “staged” the coup should get you arrested. Because, hey, if you think that then you must have been involved! Over 60,000 police officers, judges, civil servants, and citizens have been arrested and detained since the coup. Amnesty International claims to have credible evidence that many of these detainees have been beaten, tortured, and even raped.

Segment One: DNC Gets WikiLeaked!

Wikileaks released over 20,000 emails they hacked from the Democratic National Committee, and it contained lots of, well, interesting information. Namely, that the DNC is corrupt and clearly favored Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders in the Presidential race, and even sought ways to help her defeat him. As a result, DNC chairwoman Debbie Wasserman-Schulz resigned, and will likely not speak at the convention this week. Bernie supporters are hopping mad and protesting, even as their guy takes the stage and endorses Hillary. Oh, and don’t worry about Debbie; she was immediately hired by Hillary. I mean, shady stuff with email? She’s got the necessary job experience!

But seriously, guys, what’s going to be the fallout, if any?

Julian Assange promises he’s going to leak more emails, some of which are “very damaging” to Hillary. What say you: bluster or reality?

[Game: Nerd vs. Nerd]

Nerd v Nerd

Segment Two: Bernie, Hillary, and Tim Kaine

Hillary announced her Vice-Presidential running mate, Virginia Senator (and former Governor) Tim Kaine. This appears to be a relatively “safe” pick. That is, politically safe. Many pundits think “safe” means… boring. And I suppose in an election that includes the likes of Donald Trump, Tim Kaine is kind of boring. Is he, really?

Who is this guy, and why did she pick him? Will he help the campaign, and how?

DNC Recap

Let’s talk about Bernie. After all the hype, all the rallies, all the opposition—and now, after knowing the DNC was collaborating with Hillary against him—he rolls over and endorses her. Why? And… will his rabid followers fall in line with him, or revolt? Is the Democrat Party as divided as the Republican Party?

[Game: Hillary’s Dictionary]

Hillarys Dictionary

  • Hillary Clinton Standard - There’s a standard from everyone else and then there’s this,  a higher standard.
  • Bernie Sanders supporters - the young people who just don’t do their own research.
  • Rein it in - Something she claims to want to do with Wallstreet now.
  • Goes “off the reservation” - She said Donald Trump does this and then retracted because she “meant no disrespect to Native Americans.” She wants this election to be about lifting people up, not tearing them down.”
  • “a lot of coal miners and coal companies”  - Somebody she’s going to put out of business.
  • Nancy Reagan - Somebody who did a lot to help with the AIDS epidemic when nobody would say anything about it.
  • Libya - Somewhere we didn’t lose a single person as a result of the intervention.


Segment Three: Let’s Fiddle While Rome Burns!


Hey, summertime shouldn’t be dominated by the news of the collapse of western civilization! Let’s engage in a little distraction. Some people distract themselves with sports, some with music, some with movies, and some with Pokemon Go! How are you guys spending your leisure time this summer?

Hollywood’s putting out some big movies. The new Star Trek is out. Jason Bourne is about to return to the silver screen. Ben Hur is getting a remake! Any thoughts about that?

This brings up an interesting topic: With so many urgent world events, should we engage in leisure pursuits? Doesn’t that seem irresponsible and trivial?


Show Wrap

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