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Dead Reckoning Radio: Little Sisters Win Big & Gender-Bending Decrees!

In Little Sisters Win Big & Gender-Bending Decrees, the DR Radio team, Brian, Hadley, and Jay talk about all the light things: Obama’s gender-bending decrees and the Little Sisters throwing down! They also play a round of the classics, Not the Onion News and Nerd v. Nerd. We’ve included the show notes below if you want to follow along or check our sources.

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Show Notes

Good morning/afternoon everyone! Welcome to Dead Reckoning Radio. We are Live! I’m your host, Jay Friesen. From her townhome in Denver, Hadley Heath and across the table from me, Dr. Brian Mattson. Today we will be intelligently discussing those critical cultural moments from a distinctly Christian perspective.


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Today’s show is a doozy! We’re gonna be talking about all the light things: Obama’s gender-bending decrees, Evangelical sex scandals and the Little Sisters throwing down! But first…


Quick Takes

  • Hadley Cable Hit Report
  • Brian’s Budapest Report
  • Jay’s Life Report
  • Make Elsa a Lesbian!

Somebody started a hashtag campaign to get Disney to give Elsa a girlfriend in the Frozen sequel. Surprisingly, LGBTQ lined up in favor of the idea; Franklin Graham and various family organizations didn’t! I know, shocker, right? Thoughts?

  • Global Abortion Rate is Down

The Guttmacher Institute released a report that the abortion rate in the developing world has declined significantly over the past 25 years. In 1990 the rate was 47 abortions per 1,000 women, and that number has declined to 27 per 1,000. While that’s an encouraging sign, the report is mixed. Due to population increase, the total number of actual abortions (not the rate) has increased. 1 in 4 pregnancies globally ends in abortion. 75% of abortions are obtained by married or cohabitating women. Those numbers aren’t so encouraging.

Segment One: Little Sisters Prevail!

In a unanimous 8-0 decision, the Supreme Court vacated the ruling against the Little Sisters of the Poor and other parties, instructing the lower courts to fashion a solution to the legal conflict in a way that respects their religious convictions. Before we talk about that, let’s have our resident expert on all things Obamacare give us a little refresher on what this case was about! Hadley?

  • [What do we think about Supreme Court nominations and the Presidential election?]

 [Nerd v. Nerd] “No chill zone” - When someone cannot be calmed down; that moment when all sh*t is lost. One can be put in a “No Chill Zone” by another as a threat.

Segment Two: Obama Orders Schools to Gender-Bend!

They say second terms for Presidents rarely go well, and Barack Obama seems intent on proving it. Last week his Departments of Justice and Education issued a joint letter informing every school district in the country that “sex” under Title IX does not mean what’s on a birth certificate, but each student’s individual “gender identity.” This means that if your kid’s school doesn’t allow boys into the girl’s locker room, the school could lose its Federal funding. What do we think about this latest battle over sexuality?

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