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Gorillas, Stupid Mandates, and Some Uncool Cultures!

In this episode of DR Radio, the DR Radio team talk about gorilla hysteria, government mandates, and a friendly reminder that not all cultures are equally cool! They also play a round of the classics, Not the Onion News and Nerd v. Nerd. We’ve included the show notes below if you want to follow along or check our sources.

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Intro: ADF, etc….

Quick Takes:

Katie Ducks For Cover – As we reported last week, Yahoo’s Katie Couric is in hot water for egregiously doctoring an interview for her new movie about gun control. She responded by posting the original transcript in the interests of transparency. Does this get her off the hook?

The Hair, Oh, the Hair! – Jan Crouch, co-founder of Trinity Broadcasting Network, has passed away. She and her husband built a cable television empire. Largely known as purveyors of the “health and wealth” gospel, she was known for her outlandish fashion sense and hair that put Donald Trump’s to shame. RIP.

Another Significant RIP – Last week another death occurred that didn’t garner international attention. Because Brian is nerdy and ivory tower, he thinks it is highly significant. So, Brian, tell about the late theologian John Webster, and why his life and death is significant.

Segment One: Do Government Mandates Help Financially Help You?

The “Affordable” Care Act strikes again! Last week a new rule about overtime pay was handed down, and while it seems like a “win-win” for workers, it isn’t. Thankfully, here at Dead Reckoning we have a certified expert to tell you all about it. Hadley, tell us how this latest news once again demonstrates that the “Affordable” Care Act is really the “Unaffordable Care Act.”

[Broader Q’s: Are government mandates ever helpful to economic markets? Why or why not?]

 [Nerd v. Nerd]

“Lie-Fi” - When your phone or tablet indicates that you are connected to a wireless network, however you are still unable to load webpages or use any internet services with your device.


Segment Two: Gorilla Hysteria!

Authorities at the Cincinnati Zoo had to make a quick decision to save the life of a young boy who fell (or climbed, depending on who you believe) into the gorilla exhibit. 17-year old Gorilla Harambe somewhat violently dragged the boy around the enclosure, and the zoo security team shot the animal dead.

Cue. The. Outrage.

The mob quickly gathered online, accusing zookeepers of being “murderers” and demanding that the parents be “held accountable” for the death of sweet Harambe. The outrage rivals the trophy killing of the Zimbabwean lion by a Minnesota dentist a few years ago. Brian, Hadley, what do we make of this phenomenon?

[Not The Onion News]

Not the Onion News

  • Drug dealer complains burritos laced with meth had no guac


Segment Three: No, Not All Cultures are Equally Cool

An influential public policy advisory group in Pakistan recently released their recommendations for how men should handle the situation of having a wife who refuses sex or chooses her own fashion style. The Council of Islamic Ideology, a group often sought out by the Pakistani government, now advises that husbands “lightly beat” their wives to force compliance. The council went to detailed lengths to provide guidelines for how to do this: “Hit her in areas where the skin is not too thick or too thin. Do not use a shoe or a broom on the head, or hit her on the nose or the eyes.” And, “Do not break any bones or cut her skin or leave any marks. Do not hit her vindictively, but only for reminding her of her religious duties.”

A group of regular Prince Charmings. Brian, Hadley: thoughts!?

[If time]: In another reminder that, no, not all cultures are equally cool, we bring you this public service announcement: North Korea still exists. More specifically, American missionary Kenneth Bae is set to release a new book on his experience of being held captive for 735 days in the communist regime. He was watched continuously by 30 guards at the labor camp, and he details how they especially wanted to know all about… America. Is it true that everyone owns a car?

It is so quickly forgotten by the cultural relativists that the world’s flow of refugees and people seeking asylum flows pretty much in one direction.

Guys, thoughts?

Show Wrap

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