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“Rape Culture,” Going Gay, and Scientific Mea Culpa


In this episode of DR Radio, the DR Radio team discuss Brock Turner and the Stanford rape case along with whether “rape culture” a real thing, a Christian singers admittance that he’s been gay all along, and possibly the biggest retraction from a scientific journal in a long time. They also play two special games inspired by the 75th anniversary of “The Weight of Glory” sermon by C.S. Lewis. We’ve included the show notes below if you want to follow along or check our sources.

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DRR Show Notes

Welcome one and all to the greatest show on earth! We are live with Dead Reckoning Radio. I am your host Jay Friesen with the lovely Hadley Heath, joining us from politics ground zero, her parent’s estate in North Carolina. And across the table from me is the esteemed Dr. Brian G. Mattson.
Dead Reckoning Radio is where we the three of us intelligently discuss those critical cultural moments from a distinctly Christian perspective. It is weekly. It is a live show, it is a podcast and thank you for joining us! We will be with you until Facebook cuts us off at the 90 minute mark.

Today is especially exciting as it’s our first day broadcasting on Facebook’s live platform. For those of you joining us live, we look forward to the conversation. For those of you listening back on our 5-star rated podcast, follow one of our social media channels found at www.deadreckoning.tv to get notified when we next go live.

We do have a stellar show for you today! We’ll be talking the biggest mea culpa in Scientific research’s history, Brock Turner and “rape culture” and going gay with Everyday Sunday. As always, we will have our games of wit and whimsy throughout the show.

Before we get started, a very special thanks to our sponsors, Alliance Defending Freedom- defending your right to freely live out your faith. Visit them at www.adflegal.org. And our donors, Dead Reckoning is a 501©(3) organization. We couldn’t do this without you.

Quick Takes:

  • John Oliver Kills Brain Cells—Again

Way back when we did DRTV, on occasion we had to respond to comedian/late night talk show host John Oliver. He is known for doing absurd and flamboyant things to highlight some terrible injustice in American society—like the time he set up a phony “church” to demonstrate how absolutely horrible it is that there are such things as “tax-exempt” organizations.

This week he took on the terrible injustice of “debt collection” agencies, and claimed to have given away $15 Million. Well, no, he didn’t. Not even close.

[Joe Carter’s takedown: http://blog.acton.org/archives/87106-no-john-oliver-did-not-give-away-15-million-you-did.html]

  • The Emoji Bible!

William Tyndale, call your office! There is now an “Emoji Bible,” which is, um, a “translation” of the Bible into emoji characters. What do we think of the incredible evangelistic potential of this exciting news!?

” arise shine 4 ur 💡 has come & the 🙌 of 😇 has risen upon u. ~ Isaiah 60:1″

  • First Woman Nominee!

Hillary Clinton became the first nominee for President of the Unites States while being under FBI investigation—er, sorry. No, the first nominee who happens to be female. Are we rejoicing? Celebrating? Mourning?

Segment One: There’s a “Rape Culture” After All?

Stanford University student Brock Turner was convicted of multiple counts of sexual assault, and faced a maximum sentence of 14 years in prison. A firestorm of controversy erupted when the presiding judge handed down a sentence of six months in prison, plus probation.

Fueling the controversy: 1. Brock Turner is a star athlete at Stanford (swimmer). 2. His father appealed for a lenient sentence by saying the maximum sentence was a “steep price to pay for 20 minutes of action in his 20 years of life.” 3. Buzzfeed published the entire 8,000 word statement his rape victim gave in court. It was a…sensational and emotional account.

Essentially, the Brock Turner rape case broke the Internet. What do we make of it?

[NYTimes report: http://www.nytimes.com/2016/06/07/us/outrage-in-stanford-rape-case-over-dueling-statements-of-victim-and-attackers-father.html?_r=0]

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  • ADF: Bathrooms-Privacy & Boundaries

Game: Cooking Trivia

Both of this week’s games (were suggest by Molly and) are inspired by the 75th anniversary of C.S. Lewis preaching the “Weight of Glory” sermon, which was this week. The title of the sermon, “The Weight of Glory,” comes from 2 Corinthians 4:17: “For our light affliction, which is but for a moment, worketh for us a far more exceeding and eternal weight of glory.”

It’s possibly the most quoted sermon in history and is considered one of the most widely-read and most influential sermons in the English language! In it, one of the observations Lewis makes is that the beautiful and pure things of this world are to be enjoyed. Good food, friends, music, talk, drink… they can all be a way to reflect on the best beautiful thing there is: God himself.

With that said, our games are focused on food. One of the ways we enjoy God’s creation is creating through food!

Segment Two: True Self or New Self?

Christian Rock Star Trey Pearson, 35-year-old lead singer for the band Everyday Sunday, put his career on the line by announcing he is gay. In an emotional statement, he said he could no longer “keep trying to be something [he] wasn’t.” On cue, the accolades have begun pouring in for his “courage” and “bravery.” Buried in the bottom of the stories, however, is something that gets overlooked in the rush to make Trey Pearson a hero: he is leaving his wife and two young children.

  •  Rather than acknowledge that his sexual behavior is contrary to the Bible, he claims that there is “absolutely no conflict” between “accepting who I am and following Jesus.” What should we think of this account of “identity”? This sort of thing is becoming more and more common: how should Christians respond?

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  • ADF: Pre-enforcement

Game: Fill in the Blank: Food Edition

Segment Three: Academic Study Shows… um, Nevermind!

A few years ago the American Journal of Political Science published a blockbuster “new study” that showed that political conservatives are more likely than liberals to evidence “psychoticism” and “authoritarianism.” On the other hand, liberals are all into “social desirability”—you know, loving other people, singing Kumbaya, and otherwise getting along.

BUT…this week the greatest mea culpa in the history of academic publishing took place. The Journal issued a correction to their original story, and the correction essentially goes like this: “Um, you know that paper we published? Nevermind! Oops. We actually attributed the test results to the wrong people. Actually, all those ‘psychotic’ and ‘authoritarian’ results were actually for… the liberals.”

Guys, we’ve talked about this before and it happens to be one of your favorite topics, Hadley. Weren’t you telling us awhile back about a great book on this topic? (Jonathan Haidt?)

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