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ISIS,Welcome to DR Radio: Brexit, SCOTUS, and Benghazi!

In this edition of DR Radio, Brian, Hadley, and Jay discuss Great Britain’s exit from the European Union, affectionately known as the “Brexit”, a Scotus Focus on the Supreme Court’s ruling on restrictions on Texas abortion clinics, and the final report out on Benghazi. They also play a round of #JesusJuke and a new trivia game, Stuff 90’s Christian Kids Like. If you like, you can follow along with the show notes below.

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Show Notes

Good evening everyone and welcome to Dead Reckoning Radio, I am your host Jay Friesen in the studio live with the counting down to a baby, Hadley Heath and the has resorted to selling fireworks to pay his bills, Dr. Brian Mattson. DR Radio is where we sit around this old door-turned-table and discuss the latest cultural hotspots from a distinctly Christian perspective.

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We have a great show for you this evening! We’ll be talking about Great Britain’s exit from the European Union, affectionately known as the “Brexit”, o Scotus Focus on the Supreme Court’s ruling on restrictions on Texas Abortion Clinics, and the results are out on Benghazi. We’ll be discussing that report later in the show and as usual, we’ll have our games of wit, #JesusJuke and in a nod to our primary demographic, “Stuff 90s Christian Kids Liked Trivia.”

Before we get started with a few quick takes, thank your sponsors for making this show possible. Dead Reckoning is a 501©(3) that relies on their support and your generous donations. Today’s sponsors are Alliance Defending Freedom. Defending your right to freely live out your faith. ADF is battling for freedom daily in the courts of America. You can visit them at www.adflegal.org. And a special shout out to our donors! You know who you are. Swag is coming.

Quick Takes:


  • No more swimsuit competition!?

Say ain’t so! First, Playboy nixes nudes, now the Miss Teen USA pageant will no longer have a swimsuit competition! Instead, they will model “athletic wear.” It’s almost like we’re getting back to a standard of morality.

  • ISIS Bombs Istanbul

The Ataturk Airport in Istanbul, Turkey, was bombed this week, and most rational people conclude that ISIS was behind it. Can we do more than just “report” on these kinds of attacks week after week? What is there to say, guys?

  • Russia Cracks Down on Religious Liberty

And now for an ominous sign: Russia is contemplating their most sweeping regulation of religious institutions since the demise of the Soviet Empire. Essentially, the law would ban evangelism outside the doors of the church. This would have massive effect on all sorts of missionary efforts. Looks like religious liberty isn’t just under attack on this side of the world!

Segment One: Brexit!

The seismic news of the week is the stunning referendum held in the United Kingdom about whether or not to remain in the European Union. To everyone’s shock, by a 52-48 margin the people voted to leave—or “exit”—the EU. The result produced howls of outrage, painting it out to be a disastrous decision made by a few duped, xenophobic old people that will ruin the UK economy for the next generation. This was a victory for hatred and bigotry over the forces of love and tolerance.

Guys, what does Brexit mean? Are the horror stories of a massive economic downturn as a result likely?

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[Game: Stuff 90s Christian Kids Liked]

1. One of the creators of Psalty the Singing Psalm Book is now the Director of Worship Leadership at what popular mega-church?

A) Willow Creek Community Church (Bill Hybels)

B) Saddleback Church (Rick Warren)

C) The Potter’s House (TD Jakes)

D) Lakewood Church (Joel Osteen)

Answer: B

2. The man who originated the role of Bibleman was also known for his acting in what 70’s comedy-drama?

A) The Dukes of Hazzard

B) CHiPs

C) Eight is Enough


Answer: C

3. Mr. Whittaker from Adventures in Odyssey has been voiced by 3 men. The current actor is also known for his role as ___________ in Winnie the Pooh.

A) Owl

B) Winnie the Pooh

C) Eeyore

D) Tigger

Answer: A

4. The characters from this series made their first appearance on Carman’s Yo Kidz! and Lawrence the Kat. (Carmen as in the 90s Christian singer known for The Champion)

A) Magee and Me

B) Psalty

C) The Veggie Tales

D) Bibleman

Answer: C

5. The creators of Psalty the Singing Song Book also created this flopped character.

A) Henry the Heroic Hippo

B) Barbara the Bible Babe

C) Peter the Praiseful Pew

D) Solomon the Supersonic Salamander

Answer: D

6. The voice of Connie Kendall on Adventures in Odessey has been played by the same person since 1987. She is also known for her voice role in what 90s cartoon?

A) Darkwing Duck

B) Muppet Babies

C) Adventures of the Gummi Bears

D) My Little Pony

Answer: All of the Above

Segment Two: SCOTUSFocus

The US Supreme Court wrapped up their term, handing down some notable decisions. The most notable is perhaps Whole Women’s Health v. Hellerstedt, a challenge to a Texas law that placed restrictions on abortion clinics—namely, it held abortion clinics to the same code standards as any other outpatient medical clinic. In a 5-3 decision, the Court concluded that requiring abortion clinics to have the same standards as other medical facilities somehow violated the Constitutional rights of women seeking abortion.


In other Supreme Court news, the Court refused to hear the appeal of the Storman family, who own a pharmacy in the state of Washington. Ralph’s Thriftway does not sell abortifacient pills because of their religious belief that human life begins at conception and is due protection under the law. When customer’s asked staffers at Ralph’s for these drugs, they were referred to one of the other THIRTY pharmacies in a five-mile radius.

That didn’t matter for the State of Washington, who, along with abortion-industry lobbyists, changed the pharmacy rules to prohibit conscientious objection to selling abortifacients. The high court refused to hear the Storman’s appeal, which means they either violate their consciences or get out of the pharmacy business.

Justice Alito read a scathing dissent from the bench, which said, in part: “If this is a sign of how religious liberty claims will be treated in the years ahead, those who value religious freedom have cause for great concern.”

Are we concerned?

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[Game: #JesusJuke]

Jesus Juke

The phrase - “I’m really enjoying Vacation Bile School this year. It feels like really great outreach for the community.”

Segment Three: The Benghazi Report

The House Committee investigating the events of September 11, 2012 in Benghazi, Libya released their final report. And it isn’t pretty. Providing metric tons of documentation and testimony from the law enforcement and intelligence communities, it clearly lays out the timeline of the terrorist attack on the American consulate that resulted in the deaths of four Americans. And it establishes that the Obama Administration knew, from the initial moments, that this was indeed a coordinated terrorist attack on an American outpost. Yet they insisted for weeks that this was a “spontaneous uprising” caused by some obscure video on YouTube.

Guys, this really just confirms something we already knew. The question is: will this report matter? Isn’t Hillary Clinton’s role in Benghazi already sort of “baked in” to the electoral calculus?

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