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Welcome to DR Radio: “No Crime” Clinton, Police Shootings, and Pastoral Censorship

In this episode, Hadley, Brian, and Jay discuss the FBI’s decision to not charge Hilary Clinton, the recent shootings of black me by police in Louisiana and Minnesota, the regulations on speech and bathrooms in Iowa, and more! We’ve included the show notes below for you to follow along, if you’d like.

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Good evening everyone and welcome to Dead Reckoning Radio! We are live and I am your host Jay Friesen in the studio live with the lovely Hadley Heath and the good Dr., Brian G. Mattson. DR Radio is where we sit around this old door-turned-table and discuss the latest cultural hotspots from a distinctly Christian perspective.


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Tonight, our unbroken string of great shows continues: We’ll be talking about Hillary Not-A-Criminal-Clinton, more police shootings and Pastoral censorship. As always, we’ll include games of wit and whimsy!


Before we get started with a few quick takes, thank your sponsors for making this show possible. Dead Reckoning is a 501©(3) that relies on their support and your generous donations. Today’s sponsors are Alliance Defending Freedom. Defending your right to freely live out your faith. ADF is battling for freedom daily in the courts of America. You can visit them at www.adflegal.org. And a special shout out to our donors! You know who you are. Swag is coming.


Quick Takes:


  • 4th of July Recap: This week was America’s 240th birthday! How did we celebrate?
  • The Ark Encounter Opens: Ken Ham and his fellow Young Earth Creationists have finished their $100 Million Noah’s Ark amusement attraction in Kentucky! Is this on your bucket lists?
  • Hey Girl! Go to Church and Live Longer! With an impressive sampling of almost 90,000 women, a new academic study finds a correlation between church attendance and lower suicide rates for women. Women who attend church once a week are over 5 times less likely to commit suicide. Um, did we need a study for this? Are we surprised?



Segment One: No Prosecution for Hillary!

There was nothing more scintillating than the FBI’s announcement that they will recommend no criminal charges for former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton over her mishandling of classified information. This occurred directly on the heels of Attorney General Loretta Lynch having a private sit-down meeting with Mrs. Clinton’s husband in a private plane on the tarmac of Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport. Lots to talk about here.

  • Are we surprised?
  • What do we make of FBI Director James Comey’s public announcement? It was jarring: he painstakingly outlined how each and every public statement by Hillary explaining her, um, unusual email practices was an outright lie. He documented how she clearly violated Federal law. And then, he just says, “no charges.” Whaaa?
  • What are the political ramifications?
  • What are the cultural ramifications (e.g., public trust in our institutions)?


 [Game: #NTON 1]

Not the Onion News

- South Carolina town bans saggy pants, $600 fine for repeat offenders http://www.foxla.com/news/share-this/170400582-story

- Alabama town reviews law against public dancing.

Segment Two: Police Shootings (Again)

Looks like another hot summer of urban protests. Police in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, were caught on camera shooting a black man at point blank range as they attempted to handcuff him for selling bootleg CDs. Then, in the Twin Cities of Minnesota, an officer shot and killed a driver in front of his girlfriend and child. The circumstances of that shooting are sketchy, but the girlfriend recapped the shooting on Facebook Live and claimed that her boyfriend told the officer he was carrying a gun, and had a license to do so. When he reached for his wallet to retrieve his driver’s license, the officer shot him six times.

  • Do we have a police brutality/unaccountability problem?
  • Is this, as Black Lives Matter would have us believe, a flagrant disregard for… black lives?
  • Does our culture have a fear problem?


[Game: #NTON 2]

Not the Onion News

- Local business to specialize in solo weddings, “No Groom Required”

- 2 Workers Played Hooky for 15 Years Before They Were Fired



Segment Three: Iowa Censors Pastors?

In one of our sponsor segments, you’ll notice Alliance Defending Freedom’s Jeremy Tedesco explaining “pre-enforcement” lawsuits and how they might benefit you or your organization. Well, this week they filed just such a lawsuit in Iowa that made major headlines. The Iowa Human Rights Commission put out a pamphlet explaining how all “public access” gatherings will be governed, essentially, by speech codes that prohibit any language that might upset people of LGBT persuasion. This is becoming standard fare, of course, but what raised eyebrows is that the pamphlet explicitly addressed the question of whether this applied to… churches. The answer? Yes. If your church service is “open to the public” (e.g., all church services), what your pastor says from the pulpit is subject to the code. That means, especially when he’s preaching on what the Bible says about sex and marriage. The ADF filed a case in Federal court challenging this rather stunning disregard for the very first Amendment in the bill of rights.





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