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Heretical Hillary, “Unhealthy” Porn & the Death of Artistic Originality?

Dead Reckoning Radio is where host Jay Friesen, the grieving UNC alum, Hadley A. Heath and the still smarting from his tax bill, Dr. Brian G. Mattson intelligently engage with culture’s critical moments from a distinctly Christian perspective.

We’re talking about heretical Hillary’s pro-abortion gaff, pornography- specifically Time Magazine’s latest cover story and of all things, Star Wars! Yes, Disney, the movies and the death of artistic originality. As always, we have will have two rousing games of Wit and Whimsy.

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Show Notes

Quick Takes

  • Hadley’s Tar Heels Lose a Heartbreaker

Hadley, it was a buzzer beater. Villanova defeated Tar Heels with a last millisecond three-pointer to win the 2016 NCAA title. But before you comment, let’s have a moment of silence [pause]

  • Major League Baseball’s Opening Day!

Now it’s time for Brian to effuse on a beloved topic. Major League Baseball is back in action! Brian, your opportunity for a quick take. To rejoice. To clap. To sing. Or whatever.

  • A Warrior Passes

Closer to home, because the Tar Heels are over there and the nearest major league baseball team is Denver, here in the Big Sky Country, Montana, Chief Joseph Medicine Crow passed away last week at the age of 102. He was a legend, and we felt that you, our audience, should know about him.

  1. He was the last person to hear direct oral testimony about the Battle of the Little Bighorn from people who were there—his step-grandfather served as a scout for General George Armstrong Custer.
  1. In his later years, he was revered as the Crow Tribal historian and anthropologist, receiving three honorary doctorates and the Presidential Medal of Freedom—the highest civilian honor the United States of America can bestow.
  1. In World War II, Medicine Crow became the last Crow War Chief, and the last Plains Indian War Chief. He served as a scout for the 103rd Infantry Division. When he went into battle he wore his war paint underneath his uniform and an eagle feather under his helmet. During the course of the war, he managed to fulfill all four tasks (or “coups”) required to become a War Chief: he touched an enemy without killing him; took an enemy’s weapon; led a successful war party; and stole an enemy’s horse! Yes, that last one is true. He led a party that stole 50 horses from an SS Battalion and, as he rode off he sang a traditional Crow honor song!

Segment One: Hillary Speaks Heresy!

It is no secret that Hillary Clinton’s Presidential fortunes are teetering, as Senator Bernie Sanders continues to clobber her in primary events. This week she did not help her cause when she called human beings not yet born “unborn persons.” Her usually reliable pro-abortion constituency collectively gasped! Did she say “persons”? It is well-known that pro-abortion advocates insist on using the proper euphemisms: “Fetus” is okay. “Child” is not. And under no circumstances is “person” to be used.

Perhaps the best way to frame our conversation is to quote the entire sentence by Mrs. Clinton: “The unborn person doesn’t have constitutional rights.”

So we’ve got a collision of two questions: What is personhood, and who has constitutional rights?

  • Will this faux pax really hurt her politically? Or, for that matter, is she already damaged?
  • How about the substance? What should we make of the questions of personhood, constitutional protections, and the Left’s views on these things?

 [Nerd v. Nerd DOUBLEHEADER]: “Headdesk” and “Askhole”

Segment Two: Porn=Not “Bad,” just “Unhealthy”

Time magazine’s latest cover story is an eye-opener that makes you want to close them again. Entitled “Porn and the Threat to Virility,” it documents that many younger people—the generation that has grown up with easy access to online pornography—believe that it has damaged them. To be sure, we are in uncharted sexual waters; never before have people had unrelenting and uninhibited access to hard core video pornography. Now young men steeped in this world for their entire adult lives are finding actual intimacy… awkward. Time understands the threat as one to “virility.” A “public health” crisis.

Denny Burk and Russell Moore each had outstanding essays responding to this, and they essentially argue that the vocabulary masks a deeper problem: we no longer think of sex in moral terms at all.

So, let’s frame this issue in three ways: what are the cultural problems, political problems, and theological problems brought to light by this Time

[Remley also brought up this article, which talks about the rise of women being addicted to pornography. Little-thought-about angle! http://time.com/4277523/girls-sex-women-porn/ ]

[Game: Rotten Movies: Christian Edition]



Segment Three: The Death of Artistic Originality?

Star Wars just released a trailer for a new movie, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. It foreshadows for us a future—no, not of X-Wing fighters and Imperial Star Fleets; a future of another Star Wars movie every single year for the next few decades. Guys, let me give you a list of films currently on the slate from Hollywood: Indiana Jones, The Jungle Book, Sleeping Beauty, The Little Mermaid, Tarzan, endless comic book movies, and now Star Wars as far as the eye can see.

  • Are original ideas dead?
  • Are we burned out with “sequel-ism”?
  • Risk-taking when we know that worked last time?
  • Movies cost so much now that a single flop could sink an entire studio: eg: United Artists in 1980 for the flop of “Heaven’s Gate”, Carolco, the studio behind Basic Instinct, Terminator 2: Judgement Day and the original Total Recall. Then came Cutthroat Island.

[Other movie news: two new “faith based” films are out. God’s Not Dead 2, and Miracles From Heaven. Are we excited about Christian movies!? Why or why not?]

How can Christians become better filmmakers? Can our theology help us or hurt us?