DR Radio March 2, 2016: Super Tuesday Special 0

Welcome to the Super Tuesday Special edition of Dead Reckoning Radio!

This is where host Jay Friesen, our resident  2015 Republican National Committee rising star, Hadley Heath, and Dr. Brian Mattson sit around an old door-turned-table and intelligently engage with (primarily) politics from a distinctly Christian perspective.

Today is a post-Super Tuesday roundup, considering three “futures”: The future of the GOP Presidential race, the future of the GOP as a political party, and the future of the country. Action-packed and full of unique insight, listen in as they intermix these segments with games of wit and whimsy: Nerd v. Nerd and a special election year game, “Donald’s Dictionary”!

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Show Notes

Quick Takes

The U.S. Supreme Court held oral arguments today in Whole Women’s Health v. Hellerstedt, the first case in a decade considering America’s abortion laws. The case concerns a Texas law requiring that abortion clinics meet the same standards as other outpatient clinics and requiring that their physicians maintain hospital admitting privileges. The law was passed following the grisly case of Philadelphia abortionist Kermit Gosnell, whose house of horrors clinic was never monitored for its sanitation and standards. The law has led to a number of abortion clinics shutting down, and the High Court will decide whether the law is violative of the Constitution as a understood through the lens of Roe v. Wade and Gonzales v. Carhart,

Segment One: The Future of the Race

Yesterday was Super Tuesday, a major date in the primary election calendar. As expected, Businessman Donald Trump did well and carried a lot of states. Ted Cruz had a much better than expected night, winning Texas, Oklahoma, and Alaska. Marco Rubio started the night well, having erased a 14-point Trump lead in Virginia, only to fall short there and struggle in other states. Later on he did pick up the state of Minnesota.

The media, as usual, is in a rush for a narrative. And that narrative seems to be, guys, that Donald Trump cannot be stopped and will be the GOP nominee this year.

What do you guys think? Are there any dark linings in the silver cloud of Trump’s “inevitability?” What happens if we scratch underneath the surface?

Talking Points:

  • 35% ceiling still there.
  • 14-point drop in Virginia.
  • Has half the delegates Romney had by this time.
  • All in all, nowhere near the best Super Tuesday for him.

Okay guys, I almost wore my flip-flops today because last week, everyone was clammering for a Rubio/Cruz unity, now everyone’s saying “Cruz/Rubio!” Do you think a unity ticket between Cruz and Rubio will emerge?

Right now it looks like Rubio is staying in. He says, “All the way to the convention” if that’s what it takes to keep the nomination from Trump. The problem is that polling has him losing to Trump in his home state of Florida on the 15th. That surely would be game over, wouldn’t it?

[Nerd v. Nerd] “Honeydude”

Segment Two: The Future of the GOP

This week our friend Erick Erickson engaged in a little #hashtag activism. He created the #NeverTrump hashtag. Using this hashtag means that you will never vote for Donald Trump, even if he is the nominee. It was the top trending hashtag for a long time, and even an elected representative, Senator Ben Sasse, got in on the action.

On the flip side though, this apparent symbol of insurrection was met with a healthy dose of skepticism from mainstream media types, naturally - like Jake Tapper of CNN, for example. They’re saying if Trump is the nominee, we’ll all tow the party line and vote for him.

Hadley, is this threat is real? Are there in fact large numbers of Republicans who won’t support Trump as the nominee?

  • What would a Trump nomination mean to you, in terms of the party?

 [Game: Donald Dictionary]

Donald's Dictionary

Segment Two: The Future of America

We’ve talked about the future of the race, the future of the party, and now it’s time to talk about the future of the country.  The electorate seems to be in a spasm of madness right now. And that’s in two senses of the word: madness as in unhinged, and madness as in “mad!” Are there any lessons we should be learning from Donald Trump? I mean, I know people are saying “We’re Angry!” True enough. But are there deeper cultural problems exposed here, other than voters are ticked at Washington?

Talking Points

  • “Conservatives” clamoring for gov’t to “do something!” Entitlement mentality deeper than we think?
  • Republicans haven’t really had a “leader” or figurehead for a dozen years. (Bush’s 2nd term was kind of a mess.) Has this led to the fragmentation we’re seeing?
  • Trump followers are immune to warnings about his totalitarian tendencies. Doesn’t this remind you of Israel clamoring for a king?
  • What do you make of Ben Domenech’s argument that we’re trying out a new political alignment. No longer “left and right,” but “insider and outsider”?