DR Radio: The Dem Debate, Socialism, and Justice for All?

Welcome to the January 29, 2016 edition of DR Radio! In this episode Hadley, Brian, and Jay recap the Democratic debate and the apparent extreme left positioning, tear down the notion of “Democratic Socialism” and discuss the significance of this year’s March for Life and the ridiculousness of David Daleiden’s indictment. This week’s Game of Wit is a Nerd vs. Nerd throwdown of political slang.

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Segment One: Socialism is All the Rage

Last episode we spent a segment talking about the race to the GOP Presidential nomination, and we promised to talk about the folks on the other side of the aisle. Hillary Clinton has long been thought the “inevitable” Democrat nominee, but she suddenly finds herself in a bitter struggle with Senator Bernie Sanders.

It seems a bit like déjà vu! In 2008 Hillary was considered a “lock” on the nomination, only to be upstaged by a new guy named Barack Obama. Now, Sanders is not a new guy—in fact, he’s a very old guy, and is best known as the only member of Congress willing to label himself a “socialist.”

A couple of questions to start:

  1. Hillary is on the verge of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory for a second time. What does this say about her as a politician? Why can’t she close the deal with her own party?
  2. Their debate seems to center around how far to the political left they can go. Is that the only direction they can go in a post-Obama era? What does that say about the political left?

Guys, Sanders has gained momentum largely by competing for younger voters. Millennials seem to be particularly intrigued by his socialism. Specifically this new thing called “Democratic Socialism.” What is it? MRCTV’s Dan Joseph went to the University of Colorado and asked a few Sanders supporters if they could explain what “Democratic Socialism” is?

  1. Why are younger people enamored with socialism? What do they like about it? Is there a cultural or sociological explanation for this?
  2. What is socialism?
  3. Why is it bad as a matter of public policy? (Hadley: take it away!)
  4. What should Christians think about it? (Brian: take it away!)
  5. What can we do to help people better understand these issues?

[Game of Wit: Nerd v. Nerd: Know Your Political Slang]

  • Boll Weevil - a Southern Democrat with conservative views who often votes with the Republicans as part of a Southern or conservative power bloc.
  • Astroturfing - An artificially-manufactured political movement designed to give the appearance of grass roots activism.
  • Beltway Bandit - A consulting or research company that performs mostly work for US government departments or agencies. Or negatively, an unnecessary consultant, especially one hired at government expense.
  • Invisible Primary - The period between when a candidate announces their bid for public office and when the actual primaries take place. It’s also sometimes called the “money primary” since candidates spend most of their time during this period raising money in an effort to show political strength.
  • Kangaroo Ticket - A ticket for an election in which the lower position is occupied by a more attractive candidate than the higher position. (VP is more electable/attractive than Pres candidate)
  • Blue Dog Democrats- a caucus of United States Congressional Representatives from the Democratic Party who identify themselves as conservative Democrats.
  • Yellow Dog Democrats - a political term applied to voters in the Southern United States who voted solely for candidates who represented the Democratic Party. The term originated in the late 19th century. These voters would allegedly “vote for a yellow dog before they would vote for any Republican”.
  • Chicago-Style Politics - Used to characterize a supposedly offensive tough, “take-no-prisoners” approach to politics.
  • Borking - To attack a person’s reputation and views.
  • Barnstormer - To travel around the country or state making political appearances during a political campaign. The phrase was first used when pilots would travel around the country to entertain with their flying skills.
  • To “Carry Water For” - to do something to promote a person or idea.
  • Hatchet Job - a nasty criticism or act, often meant to destroy a reputation.
  • Stalking Horse - A candidate put forward in an election to conceal an anonymous person’s potential candidacy. If the idea of the campaign proves viable, the anonymous person can then declare their interest and run with little risk of failure. A stalking horse candidate is also sometimes used to divide the opposition in order to help another candidate.

Segment Two: Liberty and Injustice for All…

January is the pro-life movement’s busiest month, as it marks the anniversary of Roe v. Wade, the 1973 Supreme Court decision that made legal abortion the law of the land. Thousands once again marched on Washington, D.C.—it was definitely a smaller crowd than usual because of the epic snowstorm engulfing the region, but that hardly justified the New York Times writing that “hundreds” attended. We’ve come to expect that kind of condescension from them, I suppose, after 40+ years of marching as one of the largest convergences of any sort at the US Capitol.

Any thoughts on the significance of the March for Life? Why do this every year?

  •  Harris County, Texas Grand Jury has indicted David Daleiden, founder of the Center for Medical Progress, and one colleague with two criminal counts related to their sensational undercover videos of Planned Parenthood.

They indicted him for a felony charge of purchasing human body parts and a misdemeanor charge of fabricating fake IDs. You may be forgiven for wondering how a Grand Jury could indict the buyers of something that that isn’t supposed to even be happening, but not the sellers.


Finally, this week the Alliance Defending Freedom argued in Federal Court for an injunction against a new California law requiring Crisis Pregnancy Centers to refer clients to abortion services. ADF Attorney Matt Bowman argued that the law amounts to government-coerced speech, and violates the centers’ First Amendment rights. Stay tuned for the ruling. Take a moment to pray for ADF, and head over to their website and drop them a donation if you’re inclined.

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