DR Radio February 5, 2016: Embryos from 3, Drafting GI Jane & Persecuting Freedom 1

Welcome to the February 5, 2016 edition of DR Radio! In this episode Hadley, Brian, and Jay discuss the Brave New World, Frankenstein, Island of Dr. Moreau, Gattica mashup of embryos from three adults, women being included in the draft and Christian persecution in Africa and the UK. This week’s Games of Wit include Trump vs. The Nobel Peace Prize. To listen, click below:

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Segment One: Dr. Frankenstein, Meet Brave New World!

It’s a Brave New World and Dr. Frankenstein mashup! NPR reports that a bioethics panel recently okayed the eventual manufacture of human embryos with three parents! That is, scientists are planning to create human embryos using DNA from three adults.

Over at National Review Online our good pal Wesley J. Smith throws some cold water on the party. He writes:

“What would developing this technology entail beyond eugenic sex selection…? Not only creating human embryos for the purpose of experimenting upon and destroying them, but eventually, experiments would have to be performed on fetuses, to ensure they were developing properly.   Even after children were born, as living experiments, they would have to be monitored for their whole lives to see whether there were any adverse impacts from being made via an egg that is broken, genetically modified, and then fertilized.”

So Dr. Frankenstein should go full-steam ahead with his monster, just so long as he “closely monitors” the situation, I guess! What you make of this, guys?
• What are some of the moral assumptions built-in to this kind of research, or even approving of this kind of research?
• What should Christians think about this kind of scientific experimentation?
• What should our foundational principles be?

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Segment Two: Captain America, Meet the Amazon Brigade!
Announcement to all you budding Xena: Warrior Princesses out there—keep your powder dry and your rifles locked and loaded! You’re going to war!

Yes! On Tuesday, top Army and Marine Generals told the Senate Armed Services Committee that since women are now allowed to participate in all combat roles they must all register for Selective Service and be eligible to be drafted. Surprisingly, our friends over at The Federalist published a piece by Amber Smith lauding this idea. Here’s a choice quote: “You don’t get to pick and chose when equality applies to you. Since women are now allowed to try out for the same specialized combat jobs as men, women should have the same draft requirement. That’s what equality looks like.”

A couple of questions strike me as relevant:
1. Why does “allowing” some mean “forcing” others? Is this another case of confusing equal opportunities with equal outcomes?
2. What should we think about women in combat? Is this gender equality run amok? Does Christianity help us here?

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Segment Three: Persecution

Persecution is a continuum. It takes many different forms. Jesus himself called his followers blessed when “people insult you, persecute you, and falsely say all kinds of evil against you.” Right now, unfortunately, we are seeing the entire spectrum play out around the world.

At the most extreme, Boko Haram, ISIS’s African affiliate, attacked and torched the village of Dalori, Nigeria on Saturday night. A surivor of the attack reports that they burned 86 children alive. There has long been a simmering conflict in Nigeria because the country is divided roughly equally between Muslims and Christians. In recent years conflict has intensified, and with the alliance between ISIS and Boko Haram, it is open warfare with their Christian neighbors. They routinely kidnap and enslave children, and seem all-too-eager to bring ISIS-like atrocities to sub-Saharan Africa.

Guys, these stories are horrific and all-too-frequent. Thoughts?

At the other end of the spectrum, there are Christians who are not being beheaded, but their lives are being made difficult because they stand on their principles. In Northern Ireland, Daniel McArthur and his wife, owners of Ashers Bakery, have been fined for not baking a cake with a pro-gay marriage slogan on it. Let’s take a listen to Daniel McArthur, Menace to Society in this clip from the BBC