DRTV with Brian Godawa 2

Watch episode 6 of DRTV with guest Brian Godawa [E6S6]
Spindle: “Gun Control and a Special Report”

In the Spindle segment, Jay and Brian offer a very brief comment on the Oregon shootings and gun control. In a satirical special report sequence, Jay interviews a local gun shop owner about his feelings toward President Obama and his gun rhetoric. The shop owner leaves Jay a bit speechless.

Bulletin: “The News in Haiku”

In the Bulletin, Jay delivers the week’s strange news in Haiku format because… well, just because.

Above The Paygrade: “Brian Godawa and Jesus Triumphant”

In the Above The Paygrade segment, Jay and Brian welcome back to the show Hollywood screenwriter and author Brian Godawa. They discuss his series of “theological novels” and its climactic final book (recently released), Jesus Triumphant.