Hadley Is Crushing It 8

A while back, we did a little ode to Carly Fiorina on Dead Reckoning Radio for “crushing it” in some of her appearances but someone we wanted to feature on the blog is Hadley and her recent appearances on TV.

Confession: I don’t have cable TV and don’t watch much live BUT the wonderful invention of YouTube lets me watch and share this awesomeness after it’s aired so I’m going to share away because she’s been on fire.

Here she is talking about the gender wage gap, Jennifer Lawrence, and Ronda Rousey -

On ObamaCare sticker shock -

And reviewing the GOP candidates on Immigration after the last debate -


See what I mean? Crushing. It.

Want to hear more Hadley? She’s one of our amazing hosts on Dead Reckoning Radio so you can listen to her on our podcast. You can also catch more of her videos over at the Independent Women’s Forum, where she works as Senior Policy Analyst.

You can also follow her on Twitter.