Last Week’s News - Week of October 27 0

Welcome to the first installment of our new series on the top topics being talked about in the world that we think Christians should be aware of.

Through careful use of algorithms and other social media tools, I come up with a run down of things that are of note for the young evangelical. Think of it as Cliffs Notes for your next water cooler convo. Or your debate with that guy in philosophy class.

Without any further ado, here’s Last Week’s News:

J-Law drops a (wage) Bomb

The gender wage gap is in the news again because of Jennifer Lawrence’s letter in Lenny (Lena Dunham’s newsletter) about the wage gap in Hollywood. Women get paid less than men for the same job, dontcha know. We’ve had a lot of discussion about the issue offline here at Dead Reckoning and Hadley is going to be bringing a really awesome chat about it in this week’s podcast. Subscribe to get the podcast on your device.

Your Microaggressions are Showing

If you’ve tuned into the podcast much you’ve probably heard our SJWOTW (Social Justice Warrior of the Week) segment at least once. This week, we’re highlighting a student who wrote about how dissing the PSL is sexism. So you privileged white males out there better stop with the hate. HT to Hadley and the wonderful ladies at IWF for this one.

Politics is a Three Ring Circus

So much going on in the world of politics since the last show. We’ve had: The Dem debate (“Damn Emails!!!”), Webb and Chaffee have stepped out of the race, The Benghazi Hearings (again), Joe Biden isn’t running for Prez, Ryan IS running for speaker and has terms, and I now know what the Freedom Caucus is. Bonus: Jezebel (surprise, surprise) is having a field day with how the Benghazi hearings are more opportunities for white males to yell at women.

Hello: The Lady is Back!

Hey, hey guise. Adele has a new single. Here is is on Spotify. And YouTube. You’re welcome.

Holidays and Hullabaloo

Halloween is this week (and Reformation Day but it’s not like that’s a thing. Sorry Presbys. And Lutherans). Cue everyone talking about costumes, how the age of trick or treating has gotten higher and higher and how people can find anything to make “sexy” now. Looking at you, Sexy Gandalf. Also, this meme is going viral. It’s satire but most people sharing it aren’t getting that. Oh! And let’s not forget the round of discussions in Christian spheres about whether Halloween is something Christians should commemorate and redeem or abstain from altogether.

Death to the Death Penalty?

The National Association of Evangelicals has revised their policy on Capital Punishment to include room for both those who support and oppose it.  This has caused quite a stir with the President of the IRD saying they’re promoting a dangerous critique of the death penalty. Brian talked a little about capital punishment back when Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was on trial. You can watch that here.

No More Naked Bunnies

Playboy announced that they’re doing away with full nudity in their print magazine. It’s big news that lots of Evangelicals are (rightly) saying isn’t a good thing. Why buy girlie mags when free porn is a Google search away?

Everybody Loves Pope (Francis)

This news is a little older but still generating a lot of clicks: Kirsten Powers has converted to Catholicism. Interestingly, she’s converting to Catholicism from Evangelical Protestantism and she’s one in a line of people turning to more vocal, traditional-ish Catholicism. Also of note, America’s Top Christian Comedian Jim Gaffigan also said on the Late Show (With) that Pope Francis has helped lead him to being solidly Catholic rather than the kinda/sorta Catholic he used to be.

Name Your Favorite Theologian

Because this.
My take? Colbert is a better exegete than Oprah. But that’s not saying a whole lot.
The upside to it is the next night Jimmy Kimmel came on and said “You know that book you were talking about with Oprah?” “The Bible?” ”Yeah! I gotta get me a copy of that thing. Can you get it on Amazon?” Yes, Jimmy Kimmel. You can.

_____ Lives Matter

President Obama spoke at a forum for criminal justice and said that Black Lives Matter is a movement we have to take seriously. Note to all who want the discussion of racism and justice to go away: It isn’t.

Weekend Box Office and Reviews





Like box office numbers? Here’s the whole list.  And a review of The Martian so you can sound “well-read” on your next date.


That’s it for Last Week’s News.

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