Shutdown, Meltdown, & Margaritas

DR-Radio-iTunes-LogoDead Reckoning Podcast - Episode 5

In the Spindle segment Brian and Jay talk about the government shutdown, rising costs of college tuition, and a really cool story involving the late novelist Tom Clancy.

In the Commentary Brian explains that far from hindering scientific inquiry, Christianity positively encourages it.

In the Above the Paygrade segment, they welcome to the show David Bahnsen, founder and Principal of the Bahnsen Group at Morgan Stanley. David explains the among the villains of the 2008 financial meltdown is one people don’t like to talk about as much: Main Street. Greed and covetousness ran wild with the manufacturers, distributors, and the addicts. Bracing stuff!

Finally, In Honor of the Pig, Brian and Jay channel their inner Food Network stars and head to the kitchen to show how to pull off an Open House Happy Hour, complete with homemade margaritas, chips, and salsa.

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Show Notes:

David Bahnsen, “Lehman Five Years Later