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  • Ep. 8: Supporting Dodgy Movies, Chicago Craft Brews and Hipster Boots

    Ep. 8: Supporting Dodgy Movies, Chicago Craft Brews and Hipster Boots

    It’s the first Spindle in the aftermath of Brian’s viral Noah movie review. Jay and Brian address a Youtube user’s question about when a Christian should or should not support a movie, we talk about a Paste Mag article about the Chicago craft beer scene and Brian pokes fun at Jay’s clothes.

  • Ep. 9- We Attempt to Bring Beer to Gary the Coffee Roaster

    So Gary at Revel Coffee Roasters provides us with this killer brew for our Dead Reckoning Scotch Ale. We attempt to share it with him during post Bartender Confessions filming and…he’s not there. So we examine his things…

  • Ep. 6 - Christians Drinking Dead Reckoning Scotch Ale

    Bartender Casey joins Brian and Jay on season 2’s premiere of Bartender Confessions with the new homebrewed Dead Reckoning Scotch Ale! The boys sample this fine beer as they wade into the a discussion about Christians and alcohol.

  • Ep. 4: Beer Pranking, Religious Terrorism and GTA V

    Jay tells you to watch a video here about getting a house replumbed for beer and why that’s awesome and insightful. Brian then brings us the issue of Islam and and terrorism. Jay and Brian close out by discussing the all vice of the soon-to-be highest-grossing entertainment property of modern history: Grand Theft Auto V. TwentyTwoWords.com Buddies re-plumb house for beer:  Kotaku.com: I Sold Too Many Copies of GTA V to Parents Who Don’t Give A Damn