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  • Ep.12: Plans, Purposes, and Persecution

    In the Spindle Jay and Brian discuss how to know God’s plans and purposes for your life, leaning on Westminster Shorter Catechism Question No.1. Far too many shuffle their feet waiting for a divine whisper when they should be pursuing their interests, desires, and dreams. Glorify God and Enjoy Him Forever! That’s his plan. His plan also includes persecution from time to time, so Brian brings up the ongoing saga of Meriam Ibrahim, the Christian woman sentenced to death in […]

  • Ep.11: #BackItWithBullets

    In the Spindle Brian and Jay lament the ridiculous number of sippy cups a father has to wash; New York Times editor Jill Abramson and the delicious equal pay irony in her firing; the plight of kidnapped Nigerian girls and the “impotence of our influence.” They come up with a new hashtag: #backitwithbullets

  • Ep.10: Kicking Kitties and Moral Myopia

    In the Spindle segment Jay and Brian try to keep count of the jobs and industries inaccessible to Bible-believing Christians, and then expose society’s moral confusion in its divergent reaction to two controversial online videos.