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  • Ep. 7: Hadley Heath on Hobby Lobby!

    Ep. 7: Hadley Heath on Hobby Lobby!

    In the Above the Paygrade segment Brian welcomes back to the show Hadley Heath, Policy Analyst for the Independent Women’s Forum, to discuss the Supreme Court arguments in the Hobby Lobby and Conestoga Wood cases challenging Obamacare’s HHS mandate requiring the coverage of abortifacient contraceptives. Hadley and the IWF have some uniques insights into the case that are worth hearing!

  • Ep. 1- Spindle: “We’re Back!”

    Brian and Jay banter about their Christmas hiatus, our sometimes desire to send our infants on a plane alone, and changes to the show for the new season!

  • Ep. 9- Hunting for the ACA Website Cost

    Jay shows up on the episode to talk about how awesome his first elk hunt is while Brian talks about several economical and practical reasons the ACA is a perfect example of wildly irresponsible spending.

  • Ep. 7 - Blizzards, Little Old Ladies & Stealing from Wal-Mart

    Jay brings up a real crises in South Dakota due to a blizzard wiping out entire herds of cattle and a little old lady who got her federal aid money taken away unfairly while those on welfare rip-off Wal-Marts everywhere. Brian decides to tackle more government issues with evangelical arguments on opposing debt ceilings and a few other things.

  • Ep. 6 - Brian and Jay Argue About the Furlough

    Brian insists on bringing up the shutdown of river access and its impact on a local community to which Jay then goes on a rant about backpay for furloughed government workers. Brian thinks he’s crazy so they argue.

  • Ep. 5 - Steve Jobs, Shutdown Humor and College Tuition

    Between government shutdowns, IOS updates, the death of Tom Clancy and several articles talk about the issues of the devaluation of  bachelor’s degrees and the astronomical costs of a college education, Brian and Jay are lacking for nothing comment and joke about in this week’s Spindle.