DR Special with Larry Taunton 5

The Faith of Christopher Hitchens BookSometimes we get unique opportunities to bring you content that doesn’t fit into our regular DR Radio format and this week, we are excited to bring you this DR Special with Larry Taunton.

On the show, Larry talks about his new book, The Faith of Christopher Hitchens, one that Brian glowingly reviewed over at The Gospel Coalition. He also talks about how “apologetics is never about winning arguments; it’s about winning people.” We hope you enjoy listening to this interview as much as we had making it.

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More about Larry:

Larry Alex Taunton is a columnist, cultural commentator, and author of The Grace Effect and The Faith of Christopher Hitchens. Mr. Taunton is also the founder and executive director of the Fixed Point Foundation. His work has been featured in CNN, The Atlantic, The New York Times, TIME, USA Today, NPR, Vanity Fair, Fox, BBC, Al Jazeera America, The Wall Street Journal, The Spectator, and more.

More about Christopher Hitchens:

Born on April 13, 1949, in Portsmouth, England, Christopher Hitchens wrote for a variety of English magazines before moving to the United States in 1981. Hitchens established himself as one of the leading intellectual writers of the late 20th and early 21st centuries, willing to offend his readership with his controversial positions on matters such as religion, art, politics, war and literature. He died in Houston, Texas, on December 15, 2011. Read more about Hitchens’ life.

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