The Face of Jesus 0

It seems like a variation of this story about finding the “real” face of Jesus crops up every year around this time and trends because “Oh Em Gee. I totally didn’t know that Jesus looked like that and I should totally care.” Or something along the lines of “Hey you Christians, pay attention. Jesus doesn’t look like you think he does!”

Firstly, STAHP. As Christians, we already know what we need to know about Jesus, his life, and his saving work in the Bible. The place we should first look to for fresh understanding of who he was and what he did is there. Please understand that the color of his eyes and the length of his beard isn’t something that will shake the foundations of the Christian faith. While I respect and support rigorous scientific study, let’s not try to apply it where it doesn’t need to be applied.

Secondly, we did a video last year that outlines a little about whether this matters at all. Plus, Jay says he’s going to look on the bright side since this means the Jesus he grew up with, Vidal Sassoon Jesus, never existed.