Crazy, zany, trivial, and serious. The Internet “top trends” can be all of the above. Join host Kayla Kay for a witty and thoughtful romp through the attention-grabbing topics of today’s social media. Abraham Kuyper said there’s not a “square inch” of creation irrelevant to Jesus; we think that means every “square pixel,” too. New episodes coming soon.


Kayla Kay | Host

Kayla Kay is a college student, full-time basic white girl, three-time champion of her family’s annual Big Boggle tournament, licensed massage therapist, artist, nap enthusiast, natural blonde, and spoiled youngest child.

She studies business at Montana State University-Billings and is a licensed graduate of The Yellowstone Institute of Massage Therapy in Billings.

She enjoys sketching and painting, makeup, skiing, hiking, snuggling her niece, and consuming adult beverages with her mother.

Kayla Kay lives in her parents’ basement in Billings, Montana.

Instagram: kaylavowell


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