Top 5 Blog Posts of 2015 0

Top 5 Blog Posts of 2015

We’ve done a lot with this site since we got the blog up and running and wanted to share top posts of the year with you. Thanks for a fantastic 2015!

Here is a run down of our 5 most popular posts on the blog this year:

5. We Are Canceling Our Own Show

Our post about calling an end to the long run of DRTV gained a lot of traction. It was announcement of one of the exciting opportunities we’ve had in 2015 and look forward to 2016, more Dead Reckoning Radio, and DR Presents.




4. Bad Ideas About Christians and Politics

This is the first in the series that Hadley penned on the misperceptions about Christians and political engagement and covers the oft-quoted Reagan when he said, “It has been said that politics is the second oldest profession. I have learned that it bears a striking resemblance to the first.”

3. The Bulletin: Funny or Die with Planned Parenthood

Jay sat down at his Bulletin desk to offer up this take down of the not-so-funny viral Funny or Die video about the services rendered at Planned Parenthood.





2. Top 5 #ShoutYourAbortion Hijack Tweets

Brian and Jay had a lot of fun putting together this Spindle video of the best of the hijacked tweets from the #ShoutYourAbortion twitter hashtag. It was a sad hashtag that pro-lifers hijacked and used to promote the truth about abortion and Planned Parenthood.



1. Hadley is Crushing It

Our tribute to the awesome Hadley Heath was our most visited blog post of the year and we know why. Hadley is cool and it looks like a lot of people agree.