We Are Canceling Our Own Show 0

 Canceling DRTV


After six seasons and 67 full episodes, Dead Reckoning Executive Producers Jay Friesen and Brian Mattson have ruthlessly canceled their own weekly show, DRTV. This marks an opportunity to change the direction of the brand for the better, maximizing their respective gifts and interests. The podcast, Dead Reckoning Radio (co-hosted by Hadley Heath), will continue uninterrupted and additionally be made available in livestream and video formats. In 2016 Dead Reckoning Radio will increase to a weekly production.


DR Presents

This move further enables production of an exciting and entirely new project: Dead Reckoning Presents, a series of episodic short documentary films exploring the themes of Truth, Goodness, and Beauty in all of life. Dead Reckoning Presents plans distribution to major digital media platforms with initial episodes scheduled for 2016.

No, we’re not dropping off the face of the earth and yes, we’d love to have your feedback on this venture so drop us a note!