Here is a run down of the various topics we’re considering for the show, including the raw notes from us. Every week we try to include some interesting pop culture information along with some heavier topics that impact Christians in our world today and then later polish them into the show notes before broadcast.

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Religion is Good for Society

A new study is out that shows the impact that religion has on the American economy and… it’s a positive one!

Some highlights from the study include:

  • Religion in America, according to this study, produces an economic value equal to the world’s 15th largest economy. That’s more than Apple, Google and Amazon—combined.
  • “Most religiously unaffiliated Americans think churches and other religious institutions are too concerned with money and power (70%) and too involved with politics (67%), according to the Pew Research Center. And fewer unaffiliated Americans than religious Americans believe that churches strengthen community bonds (78% vs. 90%), help the poor and needy (77% vs. 90%), or do anything to help solve social problems (45% vs. 70%). But religion, it turns out, is good for the economy.Specifically, religion is a $378 billion to $4.8 trillion boost to the US economy.
Christian Privilege?

This week, Hungary became the first country to officially prioritize Christians over Muslim migrants.

Award Fever

Emmys! Sunday was the Emmys… and we’ll have an Emmy-themed game to celebrate.

(Islamic?) Terrorism Strikes Again

A string of attacks on US soil has sparked concern over islamic terrorism again…. Oh wait, no. After attacks in New York, New Jersey, and Minnesota after the weekend, people are struggling to name the source as terrorism or islamic terrorism. It feels a lot like a broken record keeps playing. How do we make it stop? Also, does this help boost Trumps standing in the polls/election chances? In the meantime, Obama announced last week that he’d like to bring in 110,000 more refugees this year. To put it lightly, people are concerned.

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Religion is Bad for Society (wut?)

Last week the U.S. Civil Rights Commission issued a report that implies religious believers—especially Christians—who support religious freedom legislation are often motivated not only by hate but by “intolerance, racism, sexism, homophobia, Islamophobia, [and] Christian supremacy.” The best summary is from The Weekly.

Related annoying meme:

Occupy Dem Meme

Maternity Leave, Schpaternity Leave

Last week, Ivanka Trump wrote an Op Ed in the WSJ about paid leave and how Trump will help. I’ve noticed IWF has a new feature about paid leave vs. personal care accounts. Not sure if this would be good for a EYH segment or something in quick takes maybe but it could be an interesting discussion — I think we want mothers to have opportunities to bond with their children after the birth of their child but how we accomplish that is what’s debatable even when it seems vogue to believe that gov’t mandated paid parental leave is the only compassionate option.

An interesting conundrum mentioned at The Federalist.

An article recommended by Hadley on Trumps’ plan.

And an unofficial list of options for parental leave in order of terrible to good: 1) mandates on employers to provide leave 2) government entitlement program to fund leave 3) less robust, less distortionary government entitlement programs 4) tax relief for families 5) broad tax relief for everyone.